Roundup: All the Merch You’ll Need to Add to Your Christmas List This Year

Roundup: All the Merch You’ll Need to Add to Your Christmas List This Year
Photo: Courtesy of @whydontwemusic / Instagram

What do you want under your tree on Christmas Day?

While, preferably, it’s Daniel Seavey with a bow, some new merch might just be second best. Luckily, some our favorite stars have us covered with the coolest (and stan-iest) hoodies, tees, and more! Ready to tell Santa what you really want?

We made a list, checked it twice, and now you can catch some of the best merch items out now:

1. Why Don’t We
Maybe the best part of a new single every month is having a new merch drop with it. "With You This Christmas" has brought with it a new hoodie that embodies a totally cute holiday spirit. It’s available for now and will be shipping just in time for Christmas.

2. Johnny Orlando
If you’re like us and can’t stop listening to "All These Parties", then you’ll definitely need to ask Santa for a new hoodie or t-shirt this year. These new merch designs are so trendy and fun that we’ll be heading here to snag them ASAP.

Just in time for the holidays, the PRETTYMUCH boys gave us exactly what we’ve been dreaming of: brand new merch. It’s not just apparel either! This line includes some unique pieces like AirPod cases and hair clips. You’ll find everything you need in their online store.

4. Hayden Summerall
This purple and black merch collection is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! Not only do we love the color scheme, but Hayden’s given us the perfect thing to wear with his Taylorz sunglasses line. Be sure to scroll through the merch store right away.

5. JoJo Siwa
The bow queen herself has put out the perfect Christmas Eve pajamas, so we’ll need to be heading to Walmart before it’s too late to buy them. These pink, fun, and vibrant onesies are sure to be super comfy and snuggly, which is ideal for the chilly weather.

Let’s not forget what happens when fashion meets boy band. We get some pretty awesome merch lines to geek over! Check out how cute these Forever 21 exclusive pieces turned out and find some cool ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

If you’re not rocking EBEN merch then you’re seriously missing out. His designs are fire… in some cases quite literally! You can find all of his merch right here.

8. Indiana Massara
Cute, cropped, and comfy! The Sunset Strand collection has so many different styles that you’re bound to love. This charity-focused brand is everything that we love to see and it comes from Indiana herself, in collaboration with Hollywire. If Chance Perez is modeling for it then it must be good, so we’re sold! The line is live now!

9. Jacob Sartorius
Jacob has such a wide variety of merch! It’s not just the ROLF line that’s available, but plenty of past drops all #Sartorians are bound to love too. Of course, there are a few holidays and winter-specific choices that give us even more of a reason to place an order sooner rather than later!

10. kenzie
Between Stay Electric and Rose pieces, it’s nearly impossible to choose only one. But hey, maybe Santa’s feeling extra generous this year! Order a handful of these pieces and show off the triple threat’s bold designs.

11. Jenna Raine
Rep your favorite bops from Jenna by wearing these staple merch options. The “Be Like You” singer’s store is stocked with all of the necessities that you’ll, no doubt, need to be adding to your wishlist.

12. Asher Angel
Motion merch is a must-have this holiday season. Plus, this mix of hoodies and tees is available here. The line is uber-cute and we can’t wait to be repping Asher all day, every day!

13.Shawn Mendes
Facts: the "In My Blood" era gave us some of the most stunning merch designs. If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on a hoodie or tee, the holidays may be the perfect opportunity. His new winter merch is just as pretty and has the best color palette. Not to mention there are some festive ornaments that would be perfect for your tree. See the store right here.

14. Anna Seavey
Seavey Style is full of totes, hoodies, phone cases, and more. Each and every design is flawless. We just can’t get enough of the unique look and feel of this line!

15. Christina Marie
Beautychickee is spoiling us with the new BITCHEE apparel. This empowering line is perfect for anyone who wants to help hype up other women or just needs to bring a little inspiration with them in their day to day life!

16. James Charles
Hey #Sisters! Be sure to add Sisters Apparel to that list or you’ll regret it. The holiday collection is available online now! These charming essentials are oh-so-perf and there’s even a portable charger available.

17. Emma Chamberlain
Emma has become quite the style icon, which means her merch has got to be on your list this year. There’s a holiday crewneck, plus a few other necessities that you can snag here.

18. Jayden Bartels
Join the #Muffin club by getting a new hoodie. What a perfect way to support this literal star. Jayden’s cute and playful style really comes to life in her line. Take a look at what all the hype is about!

19. Joshua Rush
He might just be one of the funniest guys online right now and his merch definitely reflects that. It’s not just all laughs, though. Josh’s "you’re no different" line is carries an important message. See exactly what we mean on his merch store.

20. 5 Seconds of Summer
The edgy and eccentric 5SOS pieces are always a fun way to spice up your wardrobe. We’re snagging some on their online store and can’t wait to try them on! Oh, and the best part? Every order comes with wrapping paper and a holiday card.

21. Lauren Orlando
Lauren’s merch is bursting at the seams with the cutest pastel looks! Not only can you snag the adorable merch on her site, but she even has a cute The Sister Diary crewneck. We’re obsessed!

22. In Real Life
Every #Lifeline needs to make sure this merch is on their wish…like now! Stop by the online shop and see what sort of apparel is available. TBH, the pop sockets are really tempting us!

23. New Hope Club
This British band’s merch is pretty different from everyone else’s — in the best way possible. The vintage look is so in right now! A variety of different apparel and merch items are available now, and we can’t resist!

24. HRVY
Cute color scheme and a variety of products? Yes, please! HRVY has some of the cutest merch items that you can snag online this holiday season. Everything is super stylish and definitely needs to be on your list.

Need some gift ideas for your family, too? There’s this guide that might be able to point you in the right direction.