Exclusive: JoJo Siwa Talks Almost Spilling Her ‘Masked Singer’ Secret

Exclusive: JoJo Siwa Talks Almost Spilling Her ‘Masked Singer’ Secret
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We sure had a feeling that JoJo Siwa was the T-Rex on the “Masked Singer!”

In case you missed it, the 16-year-old singer just revealed that she has been performing on the reality singing competition series (that features celebrities concealed in head-to-toe costumes) all season long. But rocking out on stage in a huge, heavy head-piece wasn’t the the most difficult thing about being on the fan-favorite show — it was keeping her identity a secret!

We caught up with the unmasked contestant, who revealed that one time she almost accidentally let the secret slip! Apparently, on set there are only certain “safe people” allowed to see all the stars without their costumes on. One time in an elevator, she thought she was surrounded by all safe people, and wanted to take off her shielding visor, but just as she was taking it off, one of her safe people reminded her that not everyone in the elevator was safe! That was a close one!

“I put my mask on so fast, but it was fine, he didn’t end up figuring out who I was, but I was like oh my gosh that was so close!”

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look who it is!!🦖🦖🦖 I had the best time of my life. seriously. Thank you so much @nickcannon @maskedsingerfox @foxtv for letting me be part of such an incredible TV show! Thank you to Lindsay, The athletic one, Tamara, My happy in ear guy, Chris, and all of the crew on The Masked Singer for becoming a part of my family and treating me as a part of yours❤️ I loved getting to be the T-Rex so much. 🦖 I’m sad to say goodbye to my lil dino friend we named Jeddie, but she will live in my heart and soul for forever! 🤟🏼 Thank you to all of you for being so nice and kind to the TRex! it was so fun seeing all of you guess! and it was SO hard not to talk about it! but i did it!😜 Ok…. i love you T-Rex. and i miss you. all i want is to put all 18 layers of this costume back on right now hahah!!

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In case you missed it, catch the epic moment JoJo revealed her identity on “The Masked Singer!”