How Chase Hudson, The Dolan Twins, JoJo Siwa & More Stars Are Spending Quarantine

How Chase Hudson, The Dolan Twins, JoJo Siwa & More Stars Are Spending Quarantine

Sitting on your couch, scrolling on Insta, doing work from home? Yea, same!

Well, you’re not alone! Our fave stars are all doing it too! Keep on scrolling to find out how your favorite actors, artists and influencers are keeping busy, staying positive, and having fun at the same time! Maybe they’ll even inspire your next stay-at-home activity.

1. Addison Rae wants to do a puzzle, and you’re the missing piece! In addition to TikToking her way through quarantine, this social media star is turning to fun and games in the comfort of her own home.

2. Taking a similar approach to Addison, James Charles is facing the puzzle challenge in the way he knows best! No better way to pass the time than experimenting with new makeup looks. Whether you’re chilling in your living room, or posting a sweet selfie, James is proof that we should still totally get our glam on!

3. Brooke Butler is singing her way through self-quarantine. Spreading positive vibes and keeping the spirits high, the talented “Chicken Girls” star shared a beautiful cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Don’t Be a Fool.” BRB, listening to this 24/7 until further notice!

4. Speaking of Shawn Mendes, the pop superstar himself made an extremely generous donation. The Canadian sweetheart took to his Instagram to share that “all donations to The Shawn Mendes Foundation will go towards SickKids Hospital and relief efforts around the world by the WHO.” During these difficult times, donating can make a huge difference!

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5. Noah Centineo wants to talk to YOU! The “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” cutie revealed his very-own phone number on Twitter, and we don’t think we’ve ever been more excited! Best. News. Ever.

6. The Dolan Twins launched a podcast, and want to hear from their fans! Tackling social distancing from a different approach, the YouTubing brothers launched a podcast series called “Deeper with The Dolan Twins.” Looks like staying at home isn’t going to be so boring after all!

7. Mark your calendars! Jayden Bartels is hosting the ultimate, at-home, dance party! Although all the dance studios are closed, nothing can keep this Nickelodeon star from busting out some killer dance moves; AND, she wants you to join her! All you have to do is go to her YouTube channel, where she’s offering free dance classes every Tuesday!

8. New Hope Club is going on tour…from the comfort of their own home! Making the most of staying inside, this talented trio is going to keep us busy every day by posting fun content on both their Instagram and YouTube channels! From live guitar lessons to watch parties, we can’t wait to tune in with the band.

10. Sky Katz is getting her yoga on! Practicing yoga and meditation is a great way to calm your mind, especially during these anxiety-ridden times. Like Sky, you too can easily get your chakras aligned by turning to YouTube for a relaxing and fun yoga sesh.

11. JoJo Siwa is also turning to YouTube, but needs your help! Like us, even JoJo has a lot of free time, so she’s looking to her #Siwanators to help her come up with new video ideas. Free time and downtime is a great excuse to get creative!

12. Chase Hudson is bringing us new videos! Lil Huddy is making the most of being stuck at home. Not only will he be keeping himself busy, but his new videos will be keeping fans busy too. Thanks, Chase!

13. More time, more music from Johnny Orlando! While some are turning to YouTube to create new video content, others are turning to music to keep busy. We can’t wait to hear what new tunes this super talented singer has in store for us!

14. Olivia Rodrigo is writing and writing and writing! Keeping her mind busy and sharp, the “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star is doing what she loves most: songwriting! During tough times, music is always a great outlet to turn to for some positive energy.

15. Max & Harvey are bringing the laughs, and quarantine activities! TikToking their way through quarantine, the singing duo is keeping the spirits high by making the most of staying home. Seriously, how relatable is this video?!

16. Jenna Raine is sharing some self care tips and tricks. Making the switch to homeschooling can take some time to get used to, but thanks to Jenna’s tips, the transition just got a little easier!

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