Step-by-Step Guide: How To Throw The Best Prom Without Ever Leaving Your House

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Throw The Best Prom Without Ever Leaving Your House
Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel

Prom isn’t cancelled until we say it’s cancelled!

Listen, we get it. You’ve been looking forward to this for as long as you can remember. You’ve picked out the perfect dress, accepted the promposal of your dreams, and even figured out all your best angles for that pre-prom photoshoot. So, we definitely don’t blame you for being bummed about the change of plans, but just because your special night was called off doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate!

It’s not too late to still throw a virtual Prom — without ever leaving your house — and we want to help! Keep scrolling for a step-by-step guide to switching gears, taking control, and planning the perfect night-in.


1. Pick a platform. Whether you’re trying to keep it small and sticking to your closest friends, or you’re going all-in and rallying the entire school together, you’ll need to nail down the virtual location. For an intimate affair, we recommend a group FaceTime or Houseparty (which also allows you to play a ton of on-screen games together!). If you’re looking to expand your circle, go with Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts!

2. Invite all your friends! It might be tempting to just shoot them a quick text, but putting the extra time and effort into designing an official invitation will give this important invite the recognition that it deserves. Don’t necessarily consider yourself a graphic design expert? No worries! Sites like Canva (our personal fave) offer a ton of free templates.

3. Lock down a theme! Under the sea? Midsummer Night’s Dream? Fire and Ice? Been there, done that! Now that Prom is 100% in your hands, say goodbye to vague, overused concepts and say hello to a theme that actually ~hits different~ with you and your friends. Whether it’s silly or sentimental, think of that one thing you all have in common, and take it to the next level!


1. Get glam! If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably been living in sweats and a messy bun for the past two months. This is your chance to pull out all the stops and remind your hair and makeup routine that you haven’t forgotten about it. Want to shine even brighter than usual? Give Aussie’s Glitzy Glitter Spray a try! It’s perfect for a playful look, and will make you feel red-carpet ready (even if you never actually leave the comfort of your couch).

2. Don’t let your prom dress go to waste! It might seem silly to wear such a formal ‘fit around your own bedroom, but you might as well get good use out of that gown you fell in love with so many months ago. Trust us, getting dressed up will make the night feel oh-so-special.

3. DIY your own corsage! It’s a staple Prom accessory, but pretty hard to get your hands on during this time. Is your local flower shop is closed? Don’t sweat it! There are a ton of easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube. Get creative, pick a couple of flowers, and make your own!


1. Take tons of pics! It might not be the scenic outdoor photoshoot with all your friends and their dates you imagined, but you can still have fun with it! Create a special photo corner, decked out in decor that matches your theme, and grab a couple posts for the ‘gram. Need a lil inspo? Head over to Pinterest to catch a bunch of make-shift photo backdrop ideas. You can print out cutouts from your computer, add twinkle lights, and top everything off with items you already have lying around the house.

2. Sync up a playlist! No Prom is complete without the perfect DJ. And while you might not have the live band your Prom committee hired to perform, you do have the next best thing: Spotify! Get a playlist together (or pick one that’s already been made) and share it with everyone attending your virtual event, that way you can all jam out and dance along at the same time.

3. Collab on TikTok! Nothing says Prom night-in like creating fun-filled videos together. Get creative and put a new spin on the ‘pass the makeup brush’ trend and work together on a single ‘Tok, or come up with a hashtag to use so that even if you’re not all posting together, your videos will all live under the same tag and you can keep an eye on what everyone else is posting!


1. Remove your makeup and get in comfy clothes. The night’s not over yet! Take off your heels, throw on some slippers, and get snuggled into bed. This after party is about the be the slumber party of your dreams.

2. Break out the snacks! After dancing the night away, you’ll definitely need to refuel. Treat yourself (and your sweet tooth!) to a new recipe, and share it with your friends so you can all snack together.

3. Kick back with face masks & flicks! We love a good face mask — and we don’t mean the medical kind everyone’s been wearing these days. Top of the night and wind down with a movie marathon together! Our recommendation? Stay on-brand, keep the vibes going, and pick a classic with a Prom scene. Here are a few of our favorites: “The Kissing Booth,” “ZOMBIES 2,” “High School Musical 3,” “Twilight,” “Mean Girls,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” “Never Been Kissed,” “The Spectacular Now,” “Napoleon Dynamite, and “Grease.”

QUIZ: In a hypothetical world, which Why Don’t We member would be your prom date?!