TB Tribune: Fiona Frills Dishes On How TikTok Has Inspired Her Makeup Routine

TB Tribune: Fiona Frills Dishes On How TikTok Has Inspired Her Makeup Routine
Photo: Courtesy of @fionafrills / Instagram

The way I do my makeup has changed so much from 2016. Then, it was heavy and covered my natural beauty. Beauty products are supposed to bring out the features you already have, not cover them! Thanks to YouTube and TikTok, I have realized that. 

I, personally, love watching beauty videos! My most recent favorite makeup trend came from models. They love a good cat eye — it’s like a natural and removable eye lift. You put a little winged brown or black eye shadow (or liner) on the outer corner, as well as your inner corner. It’s a super gorgeous look and literally anyone can do it!

Along with the model-inspired cat eye, I’m constantly researching makeup trends across social media (as both an influencer and beauty business owner), and am always finding new ones to love. Right now, these are my favorites:

1. Colorful liner! Normally, models apply the liner on their lower lash line for a super easy fast pop of color.

2. Glossy, fresh makeup! The newest trend is glossy eyelids — you can even use a clear lip gloss and apply it on your eyelids. My beauty brand, Frilliance, has an amazing one that isn’t sticky but lasts on the skin! You can shop it here.

3. Lip tints or lip stains! If you don’t wanna buy a completely new product and you already have a red or berry lipstick, you can take some of the lipstick on your finger and blot it on your lips for a very blurred and natural look.

4. Painting each of your nails different colors! Currently, my left hand is black nail polish and my right hand is a gorgeous blue. It’s a super easy way to spice up your nails without using nail art!

Trends are always changing! That’s why the number one question I get when talking to strangers, my followers, and when lovely people interview me is, “What makes teens buy products today and what are they looking for?”

This is what I’ve learned from my experience with my brand Frilliance: It’s so, so, so important to be putting good, clean ingredients into products that will benefit our skin and our bodies now and in the future. Gen-Z loves brands that are honest, and that really show how and what their products are made out of. We want brand transparency, ALWAYS. We love seeing relatable models, not ones with absolutely perfect skin.

All we ever want is real! But sometimes that’s hard to find in brands today. That’s why I love turning to YouTube and TikTok for tips and tricks, because you can find real people and real trends that will help you recognize your real beauty!

xoxo Fiona