Pics: 11 Times Lilia Buckingham Mastered The Mirror Selfie

Pics: 11 Times Lilia Buckingham Mastered The Mirror Selfie
Photo: Getty Images

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Lilia Buckingham‘s the queen of them all!

This 17-year-old’s reflection pics are anything but #basic, and we’re here to prove it. Not only does she have the coolest, most glamorous mirrors, but the most stylish ‘fits too! Need some inspiration for your next photoshoot? Take a page out of Lilia’s playbook, and keep scrolling to catch 11 times she mastered the art of the mirror selfie!

1. Sleeping beauty! We’re getting serious fairytale vibes from this gorgeous gold piece. To say we’re jealous of Lilia’s bedroom decor is a complete understatement!

2. Vanity goals! We’re totally obsessed with this all-white look. Between the mirror and her robe, could you imagine primping and pampering like this? We wish getting ready in the morning looked this good!

3. Size doesn’t matter! We stan a full-length mirror, but can’t forget about the good ol’ classic handheld mirror either! Floor-to-ceiling is great to capture your entire look, but if you’re makeup is on fleek, let’s get up close and personal.

4. Glammed-out bathroom pic! Beautiful wallpaper, a gold sink, and a glistening chandelier are the perfect combination for a picture-perfect bathroom background.

5. Stick it! Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re a fun, creative and easy way to decorate your mirror, and level up your mirror selfie game all at once!

6. Costume check! But first, a selfie… in between takes while filming Brat TV’s “Crown Lake” season 2. What’s more fun than getting a cast of characters in on a quick pic? Nothing, that’s what!

7. Glitz and glam! Well, obviously it’s a must to snap a pic when you’re dressed your best. Somebody call the fashion police, because our fave Anna Cathcart is Lilia’s partner in crime!

8. The more, the merrier! Piling in friends always make for a better picture. But, with friends like these, it’s safe to say that this pic is more of a fam photo!

9. Mirror motivation! Having important reminders on your mirror is an instant mood booster. Who doesn’t want to look in the mirror and receive compliments on the daily?

10. BTS selfie. Spending a lot of time on set calls for a lot of time in front of a mirror, due to hair and makeup. So why not capture the moment? Especially when the lighting is on point!

11. Mirror on the move! There’s nothing like long car rides and road trips with your BFFs, so take advantage of those rear view mirrors…but only if you’re riding shotgun, of course!

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