Camryn Quinlan Shares Her Favorite Acapop! Kids Memories & More

Camryn Quinlan Shares Her Favorite Acapop! Kids Memories & More
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Get to know Camryn Quinlan!

The 13-year-old rising star is a member of Acapop! Kids, an acapella group that covers songs by artists like Ariana Grande and Halsey. Camryn has also written and released songs of her own — including her single “Better Days,” which poetically tackles mental health awareness and self-love. Talk about a multi-talented artist!

Why is writing music with such strong messages so important to her? Keep scrolling to find out!

What did collaborating with people from all over the country with “Acapop! Kids” teach you?
Camryn: I’ve learned about their lives and I’ve made so many friendships. It’s just so much fun being able to know that people are able to know how you feel because not many people in my grade or school…really enjoy singing as much as I do.

Do you have a favorite Acapop! Kids moment?
I’ve loved all of the songs that we’ve done but probably “Breathin’” by Ariana Grande is definitely my favorite. Ariana is one of my idols and I love all of her music and her style, and it was just an amazing song and the video was just great…We were in New York City and the view was great from the building. It was a rust-filled building and our outfits really went with the building and it was really just a great set…so much fun!

Why is it so important to you to incorporate empowering messages into your music?
I feel like when I’m writing about something that really means something, it’s really important to me. I write quicker and it has more meaning when I sing it. I have a better connection with the song and with people who have the same struggles.

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