Everything We Know About ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2

Everything We Know About ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Never have we ever wanted a second season this badly!

The hilarious (oh really, really relatable) Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” has officially been renewed for a Season 2 and we seriously can’t contain our excitement. Between juicy love triangles and fun potential cameos, here’s everything we know about the coming-soon season!

1. The entire cast is coming back! Maitreyi Ramakrishnan gathered the gang on a Zoom call to announce the renewal news, and you can bet everyone was there! Eleanor, Fabiola, Ben, Paxton… we’ll see ya in the halls!

2. Devi may be changing up her look. During the IGTV zoom call, the “NHIE” cast was shook by more than just the news of Season 2. They were also head-over-heels for Maitreyi’s new hairstyle! The actress made the bold decision to rock some bangs, and we must say they look uh-amazing.

3. The season will be 10 episodes long. Just like season 1, the second season is bringing us the same number of binge-worthy episodes, and even more laughs!

4. There’s a love triangle to be figured out. It’s time for chemistry class! (SPOILER ALERT) Let us break it down for you: so, first Devi crushed on Paxton. Paxton didn’t crush on Devi. Ben and Devi were arch-enemis. Then friends. Ben and Devi kiss in the final episode. Paxton now crushes on Devi. Understood? Great, class dismissed!

5. Ben kissed Devi, so where does that leave his status with his girlfriend Shira? We’re 100% living for the tea. He considers their relationship a “power couple,” will he jeopardize it all for Devi in Season 2? We’ll have to wait to find out!

6. Co-creator Mindy Kaling may make a cameo. Maitreyi eagerly expressed in a recent interview, “She could play Devi’s dad’s sister. She can be an aunt, like the cool aunt…Yes, she would be the cool aunt that enables all of Devi’s behavior.” We need this to actually happen!

7. “Despicable Me” voice actor Steve Carell could make an appearance, too. A huge stan of the actor, Maitreyi also shared in the interview that in addition to a cameo from co-creator Mindy, she’d love to have Mindy’s former “The Office” co-star pop in for a hot sec! “What if Steve Carell came on and he played Devi’s uncle that she never knew?” The possibilities are endless!

8. There’s no set production date, yet. Due to COVID-19, filming has been paused for health and safety precautions. While this is completely understandable, we’ll be over here fantasizing about Paxton Hall-Yoshida and his oh-so hot varsity swimmer abs while we wait…no matter how long it takes!

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