9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cast Of Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’
Photo: Courtesy of @obx / Instagram

Calling all OBX fans!

It’s been over four months since “Outer Banks” dropped on Netflix and John B. stole our hearts, and we’re still not over it. Since then, we’ve spent every waking second obsessing over every last detail about the instant classic. Whether you’re a Pogue or a Kook, we’re sure you can’t wait for Season 2!

Just when we thought we knew it all, this cast of stars continues to surprise us! Here are nine fun facts from our faves:

1. Chase Stokes originally rejected his role of John B! Back in 2019 when Chase was first introduced to “Outer Banks,” he thought it was a rip-off of the classic ’80s film “The Goonies.” However, after auditioning for the role of Topper, he realized just how much he underestimated the show. He gave John B. another shot, and the rest is history!

2. Madelyn Cline had a brief role on “Stranger Things“! Before she rose to fame on “Outer Banks,” Madelyn got her start on a different Netflix Original. Though she only played the character of Tina for two episodes, she brought a whole new level of sass to the show!

3. Madison Bailey has not one, not two, but six older siblings! The coolest part? Her sister Katie actually works as a stunt double on OBX! So whenever you see Kie climbing or hopping fences, it’s actually big sis to the rescue!

4. We were almost deprived of the amazingness that is Rudy Pankow as JJ! He’s got more than one talent up his sleeve. Before dedicating himself to his acting career, Rudy nearly attended culinary school instead! A cutie who can cook? Uhm…yes, please!

5. Charles Esten is a country musician. Though his on-screen counterpart Ward Cameron (Sarah’s father) definitely isn’t the most likeable of the bunch, the actor and comedian’s voice is as sweet as Kiara’s personality! Who knows– maybe Ward will whip out a guitar in Season 2…

6. Austin North starred in a Disney Channel original series. If Topper looks familiar, it might be because you remember him as Logan Watson from “I Didn’t Do It.” He even reprised the role as a guest star on “Jessie” in 2015! BRB, heading over to Disney+ to dig up the old episodes ASAP.

7. Oh, and if you recognize Rafe Cameron, you’re probably a “Love, Simon” stan! Drew Starkey played Garrett in the romantic flick, which premiered back in 2018. Garrett is a level-headed and supportive friend, so it’s especially entertaining to see Drew switch to such a polar-opposite character. And that’s on what? RANGE.

8. Chase Stokes’ mom was the driving force behind his decision to go public about his relationship! After ages of fan speculation — are Chase and Madelyn together IRL or not? — the actor finally took to the ‘gram in June to confirm the relationship rumors. He even later revealed that he called his mom before making the decision, proving once again that mom knows best!

9. The cast quarantined together! Friends who quarantine together, stay together! Chase revealed that he, Rudy, Madelyn, Drew, and others all spent some quality COVID time together. They even built a pillow fort together. Too cute! These Pogues are friendship goals on AND off screen.

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