Exclusive: Gabrielle Nevaeh, Darci Lynne & Lex Lumpkin Reveal Their Dream ‘Unfiltered’ Mystery Celebs

Exclusive: Gabrielle Nevaeh, Darci Lynne & Lex Lumpkin Reveal Their Dream ‘Unfiltered’ Mystery Celebs

Get ready, get set, get unfiltered!

Nickelodeon’s latest and greatest gameshow “Unfiltered” brings the fun, tons of surprises, and some major OMG moments. Each episode, the show’s three panelists — “America’s Got Talent” winner Darci Lynne and Nickelodeon’s “All That” stars Gabrielle Nevaeh and Lex Lumpkin — must guess the true identity of a virtually disguised “Mystery Celeb” behind 3D face transforming, voice-changing filters, and more!

Oh, and did we mention the entire series was filmed from the comfort of their own homes?! We’re I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D! Keep scrolling to catch behind-the-scenes secrets from Darci, Gabrielle and Lex…

What’s been the easiest and hardest part about filming “Unfiltered” from home?

Darci: The funny thing about working remotely is that every time we film, we’re all learning new things. It’s such a new atmosphere! It’s fun having to learn about the tech things that go on in production.

Gabrielle: Filming at home is extremely different than being at the studio. Now, my parents and I have become the production team! It’s been an extraordinary family bonding experience because now we have to depend on each other to pull off our at-home production! My mom is usually in charge of hair and makeup, and my dad is lighting and tech support! I absolutely have a deeper appreciation for the people that do all of those things for a living, because it can get kind of tricky!

Lex: The easiest part about filming “Unfiltered” remotely has been that everything required in the past to shoot a scene has been carved down significantly. Now, it’s just a small camera, a teleprompter kit, a mic, my parents and some lights. This is also the hardest part about filming remotely. We are operating in a “do the best you can” environment and not one of us really knows what we’re doing!

What’s one thing you think fans would be surprised to know goes on behind the scenes of a series like this?

Darci: I think one thing fans would be surprised about production is how many things are “makeshift.” For example, we couldn’t find a chair high enough for me, so we had to stack a bunch of pillows on top of a chair so I fit right in the frame!

Gabrielle: My favorite part of filming from the comfort of my house has to be that we don’t have to wear “work pants.” I usually wear pajama pants with a normal top and jacket and viewers would never know the difference, which I think is super funny!

Lex: My mom is wardrobe and makeup and she holds her breath to see how it all looks on camera when the next episode airs. My dad is literally having to work and make sure that the technology is working properly before we shoot. It’s different, challenging, and extremely exciting!

Were there any surprising moments while filming that completely made you LOL?

Darci: Things do get a little chaotic while filming sometimes. One day I was filming, and my parents and brothers were sitting off to the side trying to figure out who the mystery celeb was alongside me. I would hear them brainstorming and tossing out names, almost giving it away!

Gabrielle: Yes! I remember we were filming an episode, and I got really into it. I was just screaming “Who is it?! Who is it?!” and one of our neighbors screamed back “Just tell her who it is already!” That was such a funny moment, I felt like it was straight out of a movie.

Lex: Yes, one moment that was particularly funny to me was when my mom spilled one of the props all over the floor while trying to help me adjust my lapel microphone right before we went live. The contents of the prop went everywhere! I’d share more specifics, but that show hasn’t aired yet!

Which celebrity would you totally fangirl (or fanboy!) over if they made an appearance as the Mystery Celeb?

Darci: I would totally hard-core fangirl if Millie Bobby Brown was one of the mystery guests on the show. I’ve always looked up to her and have been inspired by her. She is insanely talented in her work, and her acting skills are out of this world. I just love the way she presents herself and I think she’d be the coolest person to talk to!

Gabrielle: Well, I’ve already had one fangirl moment. We had Asher Angel on the show a couple of weeks ago and I was totally blushing. Someone else that I would absolutely love to have on the show would probably be Zendaya or Tracee Ellis Ross. I’ve looked up to both of them for a really long time and I would freak out if they were one of our guests! I also really admire Yara Shahidi and how she uses her platform to promote social change and inspire others to leave a positive mark on the world!

Lex: It is so hard to choose just one Mystery Celeb because there are many people I look up to and wish to see on the show! If I had to choose a few, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry would be my choices. They inspire me and all three of them have noted achievements. They are pioneers and have paved the way for many!

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