12 Times Avani Gregg And Anthony Reeves Were Relationship Goals

12 Times Avani Gregg And Anthony Reeves Were Relationship Goals

You know them, we ship them!

Real talk: Avani Gregg and Anthony Reeves might just take home the award for cutest couple ever since they confirmed their relationship with matching ‘gram pics back in April. Since then, they’ve filled our feeds with the PDA posts of our dreams. Can someone say relationship goals?!

Keep scrolling to catch 12 reasons we just can’t get enough of their Luv(anthony)!

1. Las Vegas love! Nothing like a little travel flick to capture the super cute moment (peep the twinning Nike AF1 sneaker vibe that we’re low-key living for).

2. Keep the photoshoots coming! The vintage vibe of this series is everything. You know the love is real when he’ll take pics of you for Instagram!

3. When he wears her merch! We stan a supportive couple! It’s no lie that Avani has some pretty fire merch…seriously, who wouldn’t want to wear it?!

4. When she wears his merch too! Well, it doesn’t get cuter than that. Excuse us as we go cop all their merch so we can also get in on this fashion action.

5. Bahama babes! Couples who vacay together, stay together. Also, can these pics get any more STUNNING? The answer is no.

6. Sunset seekers. Just when we thought a sunset couldn’t get any more perfect, these two proved us wrong!

7. Their fashion is i-c-o-n-i-c. No matter where they may be, Avani and Anthony never fail to serve a fashion-forward lewk!

8. Straight street stylin’. Between their super cool, yet candid, pose and their jeans that are ripped ever-so-perfectly in all the right places, this couple has “fashion icons” written all over them.

9. Desert dates. Avani and Anthony always have on another’s backs and never forget to pick each other up when they’re down!

10. The way they look at each other. The smiles on their faces say it all! When they’re happy, we’re happy!

11. Best buds! We love a matching moment with this super cute floral print. Comfort is always the answer, and this couple looks cozier than ever!

12. They’ve been together for half a year! It’s officially been six months of TikTok and Instagram content collabs, and their love seems stronger than ever!

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