9 Times Johnny And Lauren Orlando Were Sibling Goals

9 Times Johnny And Lauren Orlando Were Sibling Goals
Photo: Courtesy of @johnnyorlando / Instagram

Did someone say sibling goals? Well, say it louder for the people in the back!

We would totally be lying if we said Johnny and Lauren Orlando weren’t one of our favorite brother and sister duo of all time. Between singing, content creating, acting, and of course being their ever-so-amazing selves, these siblings couldn’t be a better example of G-O-A-L-S.

While we could list 101, here are the top nine reasons why we think John and Lauren have raised the bar on what it means to be the ultimate dynamic duo…

1. They’re TikTok icons. Honestly, nothing says sibling goals like crushing the latest dances, trends, and challenges on our favorite short-form video app. Keep the content coming Orlandos, because we’re 100% living for this!

2. They slay fashion shows together. Not only do they both rock sweet style on the daily, but they also attend high-end fashion shows — like Dolce and Gabbana for Milan Fashion Week. TBH, it doesn’t really get much better than that!

3. They’re each other’s day ones! Johnny took a walk down memory lane and posted these throwback Insta pics for Lauren’s 15th birthday, and we must say, the last pic has us totally LOLing.

4. They’re puppy people. Cuteness overload alert! Owners of two white, fluffy, Maltese puppies named Bentely and Leo, Johnny and Lauren are always showing them love and sharing it on social. Guess you can say these pups are basically Insta-famous!

5. They created their own store. Back in 2018, the power sibling pair launched an online store, selling everything from stylish merch to back-to-school necessities. Between music and acting, to now business owners, it seems there’s nothing these siblings can’t do!

6. They crush every photo together. It’s not always easy mastering a fam photo that isn’t completely awkward and dysfunctional, but this duo has them down to perfection!

7. They were on a TV show together. Showcasing their star quality by landing side-by-side roles in Brat TV’s original series “Total Eclipse,” these talented siblings totally proved their pro acting abilities.

8. They love to embarrass one another. Are you really siblings if you don’t try to embarrass each other in some way, shape, or form? For Lauren, she loves taking to Insta to post silly throwbacks of her older bro. Thanks Lauren, because if we’re being honest, this is the content we needed!

9. They’re #1 fans of each other. There’s no greater support system than knowing your fam has your back!

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