Exclusive: The Cast of ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Shares Their Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Memories

Exclusive: The Cast of ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Shares Their Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Memories
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

It sounds like “Julie and the Phantoms” was just as much fun to film as it is to watch!

But hey, would you expect anything else?! We recently caught up with Madison Reyes, Owen Patrick Joyner, Charlie Gillespie and Jeremy Shada (who play Julie, Alex, Luke and Reggie in our newest Netflix obsession) to find out what *really* went down behind the scenes.

From the funniest laugh-out-loud blooper moments to their feel-good proudest achievements on set, keep scrolling to catch the on-screen bandmates’ favorite filming memories!

Jeremy: The first time we got to do “Bright” as a group…that was the first one we did as a band…[it was] the song we all auditioned, so it was cool to see that come to fruition when we finally got to shoot it. And at that point, we’d done that song so many times…it just felt so second-nature…we were just having a blast. The first time we did an actual take, with all the background actors in the crowd, they were genuinely enjoying it and getting into it and having fun. I won’t forget that feeling!

Charlie: One scene where I couldn’t stop laughing was…basically, we had to hide it in this corner, this tiny corner, all three of us guys stacked on top of one another while Madison had this really complicated scene, because this is the first time she had to talk to her parents, while she’s talking to the ghosts and not make it seem like she’s talking to either one. It was so funny because there was no space and we just had to stand there, face to face, trying not to laugh. We had this cue to come in so I pushed Owen into the scene, but it was way too early, so he stood there frozen. I pulled him back, but we could not stop laughing after that!

Madison: Mine would probably be shooting “I Got The Music” because of all the people I got to meet and all the stories I got to hear from all those lovely extras…and being able to do that with Jadah [Marie] was also a lot of fun because we were living our “High School Musical” dreams. Who doesn’t daydream in a boring class about just giving up and breaking out into song?! I was working so hard on that number, and there was so much we were doing…I was learning the choreography in between my takes and school, so being to see it all pay off was so amazing and I felt so proud in that moment!

Owen: One of my favorite memories [was] when we shot…we were on the orpheum…because, personally, I find it funny when other people are freaking out and [in that moment] everyone was freaking out about putting us on the crane to get us up on top of the stamp. We were like ‘We got it! It’s okay. We just step onto this little crane, and it’s gonna bring us up, and we’re gonna get off.’ Then when we’re really sitting up that high, and like 200 people are crowded in the street below to us, looking at us, taking pictures…it was cool!

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