10 Terrifyingly Tasty Treat Recipes To Try This Halloween

10 Terrifyingly Tasty Treat Recipes To Try This Halloween

Trick or Treat yo’self!

When it comes to satisfying that sweet tooth, there’s always room for one or two (okay, maybe three) delicious desserts, and since Halloween is a time to indulge, we know that everyone needs a little extra sweetness in their life!

Need some terrifyingly tasty treat inspo? Whether you’re a chocolate lover, a fan of fruit, or craving something sweet and full of sprinkles, take a bite out of these 10 ideas:

1. Snickering Skeletons
Oreo, snickers, and candy skulls!? What’s not to love? These fun and festive vibrant bars are the perfect way to celebrate spooky season. Oh, and don’t forget to add some sprinkles!

2. Bad Witches Only
Treat yourself to this pink and glittery cupcake! It may look too good to eat, but it’s definitely a tasty treat! Add vibrant pink icing (or any fun color) and a decorative topper for a boo-tiful bonus.

3. Frightful Fruit
Not a fan of super sweet treats? Then this fruit and vegetable platter will surely satisfy your cravings! Make cute clementine pumpkins, kiwi zombies, melon gravestones, pretzel broomsticks, and carrot ghosts for a delicious (and nutritious) party plate.

4. Sassy Skulls
This layered cookie cake, featuring a sparkly macaroon and glitter skull, is the perfect treat for anyone who likes a creamy and crispy bite! Add fun and festive sprinkles to make it even more exciting.

5. Wrap It Up
Calling all chocolate lovers! These brownie bites are the perfect way to indulge in a thick and creamy dessert. Add white chocolate frosting and stick on some candy eyes to take the a mummy madness to the next level!

6. Passion For Pumpkins
Pick these ooey-gooey pumpkin cookies with a delicious creamy center to satisfy any sweet tooth — and don’t forget to add powdered sugar, cinnamon, or nut meg for a seasonal and tasty touch!

7. Cool Cauldron
Cauldron cupcakes for all the little witches! These spooktacular minis are the absolute cutest. But don’t worry, no frog legs or vampire teeth in this ingredients list!

8. Candycorn Chaos
This frosted cake is equal parts Instagram-worthy and stomach-worthy. The delicious buttercream layers will have you in a sugar rush craving more than a slice!

9. Mummy, I Made It
More of a cupcake fan? These mummified treats can be filled with a gooey chocolate center, or even filled with sprinkles. The options are endless! Top them off with creepy candied spiders for frightening finish!

10. Sweet Skulls
This Day of the Dead inspired treat is definitely worth posting about! Stick on some blood-shot eyeballs and intricate frosting details in this mesmerizing and mouthwatering cake.

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