12 Times These Stylish Stars Proved Preppy Is The New Fave Fall Fashion Trend

12 Times These Stylish Stars Proved Preppy Is The New Fave Fall Fashion Trend
Photo: Courtesy of @lilia / Instagram

It’s time to dig out your your old school uniform!

Real talk: we’ve never been this excited for fall fashion. After months of chilling out in our sweatpants, our wardrobes are in serious need of a style upgrade!

Ready to revamp your wardrobe? From retro plaids to collared shirts, check out how Lilia Buckingham, Daniella Perkins and more of our favorites are hittin’ the books and schooling us on this season’s most coveted trend:

1. Lilia Buckingham ‘s practically perfect argyle sweater and tennis skirt takes a classic approach to the trend. The queen of Insta ‘fits never misses out on showcasing the latest styles, but seriously…can we talk about those darling beaded safety pin earrings?!

2. Daniella Perkin‘s sweet shoulder sweater showcases a subtle interpretation. Take a page from the 20-year-old’s style book on how to incorporate this trend in even the simplest of outfits (and with a cardigan you definitely already have hanging in your closet, too)!

3. Emily Skinner‘s styling creates an edgy twist to this clean-cut trend. Coolest girl in school alert! This “Total Eclipse” star effortlessly pairs this traditional plaid skater skirt with a pair Doc Martens and crop top! What’s not to love?

4.Kalani Hilliker‘s sporty fit takes us right to the tennis court. The tennis skirt lives on! After making its debut this summer as a trending fashion piece, the former “Dance Moms” star shows the classic sport skirt is here to stay for fall!

5. Emma Chamberlain‘s totally 80’s diamond-plaid sweater makes a bold statement. Our fave YouTube queen is proof that color is certainly not something to shy away from when rocking this trend! Oh, and don’t forget your matching sunnies for a completed coordinated look!

6. Gabi DeMartino‘s lovely layering is the perfect transitional-season look. That’s right, don’t put your frilly summer skirt away just yet because this fancy vlogger styled it for those warmer fall days! With the unpredictable weather, layering is a must but remember: no look is complete without a funky, patterned button-down.

7. Coco Quinn‘s neutral school-girl outfit incorporates more of this season’s trends. Who says you can’t mix it up? The sassy singer pairs her luxury-inspired plaids with chic patent combat boots to create this fashion-forward look!

8. Ellie Zeiler‘s fuzzy-textured sweater looks both cozy and classy. Our school uniforms could never! This evergreen sweater paired with dainty, polished pearls are both simple and sophisticated.

9. Sarah Dorothy Little’s peter-pan collared sweater and fishnets forms a retro-rocker look that just serves LEWKS. And just like you can mix trends, mixing decade influences, like our this stylish 12-year-old TikTok star and singer, can give a fresh take to your prepster look!

10. Summer McKeen‘s laid-back layered sweatshirt and jeans gives this fall trend a new meaning. Preppy doesn’t mean dressing up all the time! The “Endless Summer” star’s collegiate completed her look with a tried and true pair of jeans perfect for any casual occasion.

11. Madison Bailey‘s plaid jumper modernizes the classic school girl. Who said anything about upholding traditions? We’re all about the “Outer Banks” cast member’s daring dress for this refreshed uniform look!

12. Brynn Rumfallo‘s sweater vest is our must-have piece of the season! They’re everywhere and we’re not complaining! Brynn shows us just one of the many ways vests are all the rage for and among some of the most versatile pieces. You can wear yours over a button-down or all alone because this sweater is style-proof!

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