10 Creative Ways To Level-Up Your Pumpkin Decorating Skills

10 Creative Ways To Level-Up Your Pumpkin Decorating Skills

To carve or not to carve: that is the question…

It’s that time again! Time to put your creativity to the test and pull off the perfect pumpkin to decorate your doorstep with. Looking to level-up from last year’s pumpkin but not sure what direction to take? You’ve come to the right place!

From fresh new takes on the classic carving technique (including one that even includes some sweet treats) to out-of-the-box ideas that’ll be oh-so Pinterest-worthy, keep scrolling for 10 of our favorite carve and non-carve pumpkin decorating methods you should fall in love with this Fall!


1. Cookie Cutter Creation
You don’t have to be the best baker to create this fun pumpkin! Grab you’re favorite cookie cutter shape and carefully push it into your pumpkin to carve in letters and shapes!

2. Spotty & Dotty
Carve holes all around your pumpkin leaving enough space between so the holes won’t overlap. Finish it off by placing LED string lights inside for a starry night pumpkin!

3. Familiar Faces
This fun pumpkin is sure to draw a crowd! Carve in shapes or faces that resemble your favorite celebs or your closest friends.

4. Lollipop Pumpkin
Carve this pumpkin by making small holes around the top so that lollipops can fit inside, but not fall through. This is a sweet treat that will keep you craving more!

5. Flower Power
Carve a hole at the top of your pumpkin and place fake flowers inside! This is a creative way to spice up any room and add a hint of Happy Halloween cheer!


6. Glittery Goodness
The more glitter, the better! Paint a pumpkin aNY color of your choice and add some fun glitter to it while it’s still wet. Trust us, it’ll radiate JoJo Siwa vibes in the best way possible!

7. Confetti Cravings
Fun and simple! Create your confetti creation by sticking confetti pieces to a pumpkin that’s still sticky with paint. You can also use stickers if you want to make things even easier!

8. Pun-kins
Create punny pumpkins by writing your favorite quotes on your pumpkin, but be sure to keep it Halloween-themed! Put your originality to good use or put a spooky twist on quotes from your favorite celebs!

9. To Dye For Combine different colors on your painted pumpkin for a tie-dye effect! You can get creative and marble your personal favorite colors or keep it traditional with orange and black.

10. Push Pin Pumpkin
After painting the pumpkin a solid color, poke fun push pins all around for an easy and creative result!

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