Everything You Need To Know About The Members Of The Vault

Everything You Need To Know About The Members Of The Vault

Get to know this family of friends!

You’ve heard of the Hype House, hypothetical home to Charli D’Amelio and Addison Easterling, and Sway LA, featuring favorites like Kio Cyr and Noah Beck, but how much do you know about The Vault?

We’ve rounded up some fun facts about each member — Bryce Xavier, Cayman Rhodes, Jackson Krecioch, Keith Pichardo, Kiera Vanias, Maile Hammahz, Mariano Castano, Malcom Suarez, Peyton Sama, and Rave Vanias— so you can familiarize yourself with the crew that constantly fills our FYP with craveable content and collabs! Keep scrolling to catch ’em all…

Bryce Xavier
1. He’s played the violin since he was just 6 years old.
3. He’s a big stan of all-things anime.
2. He rewrites the final scenes of movies when he doesn’t like their endings!

Cayman Rhodes
1. He played basketball for almost his entire life.
2. He lived in the Amazon jungle for three years!
3. He loves to get artsy and paint on walls.

Jackson Krecioch
1. He’s a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.
2. He has not one, not two, but SEVEN siblings!
3. He’s been in the social media game for five years.

Keith Pichardo
1. He’s been a soccer player his entire life, but just quit this year!
2. He has dreams in starting a modeling and acting career.
3. Family means everything to him.

Kiera Vanias
1. Beauty and fashion are the key to her heart.
2. She’s 100% vegan.
3. She has five other siblings and she’s the oldest of all of them!

Maile Hammahz
1. Her bloodline runs back to Hawaiian royalty!
2. She’s been drawing since she was just three years old.
3. She considers herself well-rounded in anything art related.

Mariano Castano
1. He’s quiet at first, but opens up as soon as he starts to get to know someone.
2. He likes to play soccer.
3. He used to live in Mexico.

1. He knows how to speak Spanish.
2. His home is in Toronto, Canada.
3. He’s originally from Uruguay.

Peyton Sama
1. She was a cheerleader for the majority of her life.
2. She wanted to be a homicide detective before she was introduced to the world of social media.
3. Her favorite place to be is the beach.

Rave Vanias
1. Like her sister Kiera, she’s also vegan.
2. Her favorite animal is a peacock.
3. She has a passion for astrology!

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