8 Group Costume Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite TV Show Characters

8 Group Costume Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite TV Show Characters

Grab your besties and get ready for some major squad inspiration! 

It’s not too late to coordinate the perfect Halloween look with all your friends this year. From “Outer Banks” to “Stranger Things,” keep scrolling to catch the best group costume ideas inspired by your favorite TV show characters.

1. “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”

Time to show off your East High school spirit! Red and white are essential for creating a true wildcat-inspired costume! Hit the basketball court as Ricky and EJ’s ‘Troy’ and ‘Chad’ in all-white sweats, sing your heart out as Nini’s ‘Gabriella’ in her iconic red dress, or show off your epic dance moves as Gina’s ‘Taylor’ with a preppy plaid look!


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2. “Chicken Girls”

Whether you’re dressing up as the OG cast and bringing it back as Rhyme and TK, or bringing the new generation to life as Harmony, Bel and friends, this costume’s perfect for any group who doesn’t want to go out of their way to buy anything new. Recreate Hayley LeBlanc’s on-screen season 7 look with an adorable overall dress and floral tee, or show off your edgy side (and don’t forget the beanie) to channel Leyla!


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3. “Outer Banks”

Even in the cool, fall weather, things are always warming up in Outer Banks, North Carolina! Are you a Pogue like John B and JJ? Grab your floral button-downs, shell necklaces, and bandanas! More like our favorite Kook princess, Sarah? A summer romper or her infamous yellow tube top and white jeans paired with dainty gold jewelry are always the way to go!


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4. “Riverdale”

Headed to Pop’s Diner? Embrace your Bulldog spirit like Cheryl and Veronica in a blue and yellow cheer uniform! Get preppy with your peter-pan collars and pink ensemble like Betty Cooper, or channel your inner Southside Serpent with a leather jacket and Jughead’s infamous crown beanie.

5. “Julie and the Phantoms”

Get ready to step into your greatness! Channel the Sunset Curve guys by bring out your leather, studs, and plaid like Alex, Reggie, and Luke for, or be ready to take center stage in Julie’s infamous camo jumper! No matter which character you go as, don’t forget to grab your instruments!

6. “Secret Society of Secret Born Royals”

When royalty meets rebellion! Ditch your ballgowns and tuxedos and get ready to save the world. Find a blue warm-up jacket and black cargos for your next squad training session, or grab your favorite combat boots and motorcycle jackets for a regally royal disguise!

7. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Celebrate the anticipation of the show’s final season with this spooky group costume! Hone in on your immortal powers with Sabrina’s blonde wig and black headband, paired with a simple red top, black skirt, and knee-high boots! Rather take a walk on the wild side? Grab a solid, dark-colored dress and lace bibbed color to channel the Weird Sisters!

8. “Stranger Things”

Let’s rewind in time to Indiana in the 1980s! Graphic band tees, denim vests, trucker hats, and any serious color-blocking stripes are all you need to look like Eleven and the gang.

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