7 Reasons We’re Excited To See Shawn Mendes’ Documentary ‘In Wonder’

7 Reasons We’re Excited To See Shawn Mendes’ Documentary ‘In Wonder’
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We can’t help but ~wonder~ how incredible it’ll be!

In case you missed it, Shawn Mendes is sharing a deeply personal look at his life in his upcoming Netflix documentary “In Wonder,” and we seriously can’t contain our excitement!

The sure-to-be real and raw movie (which premieres November 23rd) offers a glimpse behind the curtain, bringing fans back to where it all began, behind-the-scenes of the Canadian singer’s 2019 world tour, into his personal relationships (like his romance with girlfriend Camila Cabello), and where he foresees his music career going. Keep scrolling to see all the reasons we can’t wait to stream it…

1. Seeing Shawn like we’ve never seen him before! The 22-year-old star is stripping away all the filters and getting real about the pressures of stardom! From the physical and mental demands of running through a 104 stop tour to opening up about his own insecurities, we can anticipate Shawn getting super vulnerable with fans.

2. Baby Shawn! While it may feel like we’ve known the singer-songwriter forever, there’s certainly a lot we don’t know about his life before he hit the music scene back in 2013! And from the looks of the trailer with those adorable baby photos, we’re pretty sure there’s plenty more where that came from.

3. Keeping up with Shawn’s friends and fam! Since the “Wonder” singer will be opening up about his personal life, we can’t help but think we may get to hear from his parents, sister, childhood friends, and maybe some fellow celebrity cameos!

4. All the concert content! We can’t help it, we’re seriously missing concerts RN! So we’re totally stoked to see some of our fave songs like “Lost in Japan,” “Senorita,” and “Stitches” performed live!

5. Traveling around the world with Shawn! Following along his 2019 World Tour, we’ll be able to see the world without leaving our couches! From North and South America to Asia and Australia, this is probs the closest we’ll ever get to travel the world with the talented artist.

6. We’re finally getting an inside look into his relationship with Camila! Despite this goal-worthy couple being on the scene for some time, #Shamila have definitely kept their off-stage relationship under wraps, but it seems like things are certainly heating up with the content in the trailer!

“They’ve always been about you, [Camila]…every song I’ve ever wrote,” Shawn explains.

7. It’s being released just short of two weeks before his fourth studio album! It feels like forever since Shawn’s self-titled album was released! Since we need to emotionally prep for Shawn’s upcoming album dropping on December 4th, this documentary may just be the answer!

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