The Cast of ‘Side Hustle’ Gushes Over Getting Cast In Their Dream-Come-True Nickelodeon Series

The Cast of ‘Side Hustle’ Gushes Over Getting Cast In Their Dream-Come-True Nickelodeon Series
Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Get to know the boys of “Side Hustle“!

In case you missed it, Nickelodeon’s all-new and totally hilarious show premiered last Saturday night, and it’s definitely one of our latest faves! The comedy follows besties Presley and Lex (played by IRL besties Jayden Bartels and Jules Leblanc) as they brainstorm ways to make money after a mischievous mishap involving their neighbor Munchy’s (played by Isaiah Crews) dad’s boat! The three kids team up and collab with Presley’s younger brother Fisher (played by Mitchell Berg), and Munchy’s bossy brother, (played by Jacques Chevelle) in creating the phone app ‘kidDING’ to find small jobs for fast cash!

While we wait patiently to catch the next episode, we caught up with these new boys on the block to celebrate their recent series premiere! Keep scrolling to see how Nick’s newest stars reacted when they landed their roles…

Mitchell: “I got home from school and my dad called me and he was like, ‘you got the role!’ and I was freaking out! Kind of like Jacques, I was speechless. It was just such a crazy experience and I [am] so fortunate and grateful for this!”

Isaiah: “After I left the chemistry test, the final audition for the show, I went to Shake Shack with my family and my manager. My mom got a text 15 minutes later saying ‘Hey Isaiah! Guess what? You got the part!’ And I made a scene in the middle of Shake Shack!”

The guys also revealed that they’re total Nickelodeon mega fans! And each had plenty to share with us as to which of their childhood fave shows they’d kill to go back in time to star in…

Isaiah: “I would kill to star in an episode of “Goosebumps.” That was always one of my favorite shows growing up and I had to watch it discreetly because my mom doesn’t like evil in our house. But I loved that show growing up and would love to be in an episode or play one of the characters from the books!”

Jacques “I’m battling between “All That” and “Victorious.” I think “All That” because Keenan and Kel. It’s like the mini kid’s SNL! They were funny and they were great, and still iconic to this day!”

Mitchell “I gotta say probably “Game Shakers” or “All That!” Probably “All That” because I love sketch comedy as well! There are so many unique characters that they come up with and I feel like it would be really, really fun to play one of them!”

Spoiler alert: the “Orange Soda” skit is def this cast’s favorite!

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