7 Clues You Missed In The Trailer For ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Part 4

7 Clues You Missed In The Trailer For ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Part 4
Photo: Courtesy of @sabrinanetflix / Instagram

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina” coming to an end has us feeling, well… not so chill.

Fortunately, the season 4 trailer officially premiered last week, and we’re one step closer to finding out the fate of Sabrina (played by Kiernan Shipka), Greendale, and the rest of our favorites (including Ross Lynch, Gavin Leatherwood, and more). What we do know is that the final, chilling chapter of the saga is coming to Netflix on December 31st, and we’re already counting down the days.

Ready to uncover more Keep scrolling to discover some magically major clues you might’ve missed in the first look at season 4…

1. This may be the end of the series, but does that mean it’s the end of the their world too? In the trailer, cousin Ambrose declares “We’re at the end of all things,” followed by Sabrina stating “We have to stop this.” If this season is anything like the previous, we’re confident in Sabrina’s wicked abilities!

2. We’re introduced to the evil, ancient force known as the Eldritch Terrors, which consists of The Darkness, The Void, and other elements of destruction. In the trailer, Sabrina tells her cloned identity Sabrina Morningstar “Darkness is going to consume Greendale and the entire world if we don’t stop it.” This season is going to be a real nail-biter for sure!

3. Faustus Blackwood might be behind the Elritch Terrors. He claims in the sneak preview that “with the Elritch Terrors, I’d have the power to warp reality itself!” That man is a master manipulator, and will obviously stop at nothing to achieve self-empowerment.

4. We’re teased with a recurring love triangle, which has us even more excited than ever before. Sabrina’s ex, Nick Scratch, declares “we are endgame,” and that leads us only to conclude that HE. WANTS. BACK (we’re totally here for and support all things #Nabrina). Will he successfully find a way back into Sabrina’s heart? And what will Harvey Kinkle think about this?

5. The romance definitely doesn’t stop there! We see a couple kissing, and while we can’t make out their faces, we do see green hair and a baseball cap, which only leads us to assume that they’re most definitely Theo and Robin (the ultimate ship, duh)!

6. The majority of the season will be set in hell. While the goal is to ultimately save Greendale, Sabrina tells us “I can go to hell and visit Sabrina Morningstar,” which may be the only way they save their future!

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