13 Things You Didn’t Know About TikTok Star Gabi Lewitton

13 Things You Didn’t Know About TikTok Star Gabi Lewitton
Photo: Courtesy of @gabi.lewitton / Instagram

Get to know Gabi Lewitton!

The 14-year old TikToker is taking social media by storm, one dance step at a time! Gabi has already racked up over 100 million likes and 4 million followers on her @gabs.lewitton page, and is just getting started. She’s known for her shuffling skills that have us practicing and practicing so we, too, can master the moves just like her!

Love seeing Gabi pop up on your FYP? Keep scrolling to catch 13 fun facts about this fancy footwork phenomenon.

1. She gained more than 4 million TikTok followers in less than a year! Gabi created her “gabs.lewitton” account on January 7th, 2020 and ever since then, the followers just kept coming and coming (and we can totally see why)!

2. She didn’t always show her face on the platform. At the beginning, Gabi disguised her identity with Bitmoji masks and sweatshirt hoods, hiding her face because she was hesitant to be too public.

3. It took almost a year until she revealed her voice on the platform. On December 10th, Gabi did a voice reveal when she announced, alongside her BFFs, that she was getting braces!

4. She remakes dances and creates her own as well! Not only can you find Gabi nailing popular dance challenges to perfection, but you can also find her choreographing her own creative moves and encouraging her followers to recreate them too!

5. Her first viral TikTok was to “Spooky, Scary Skeletons.” Because she’s known for her intricate footwork and specific steps, it’s obvious as to why this dance was the one that kickstarted Gabi’s career!

6. She was born in South Africa. Gabi grew up living in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s three capitals!

7. She has an older brother named Josh and a dog named Jesse. If you look closely, you can catch them making appearances in her TikTok and Instagram posts!

8. She often posts collabs with her friend Sherry Henda. According to Gabi, the “KWEEN…CAN SHUFFLE” (and we totally, 100% agree)!

9. She was inspired by Charli D’Amelio to dye the front two streaks of her hair pink. TBH, if Charli does it, who doesn’t want to do it?! Gabi has also given a lot of credit to Charli when it comes to inspiring her dance videos as well.

10. She’s a fan of sweats and comfy ‘fits. Gabi loves rockin’ the cutest outfits, but comfort is obviously key when you’re dancing. We’re totally here for the tie-dye, tracksuit trend too!

11. Words can’t bring her down. In fact, Gabi uses her platform to fight hate and negative comments by writing in her captions messages like: “I have a big platform. I needed to say this. Please let’s make a change! STOP BODYSHAMING OTHERS!! We. Have. Feelings.”

12. She always posts inspirational messages to uplift her followers. In one of her TikToks, she commented “If u are ever feeling down!! Just know that ur absolutely beautiful!! Dont give uppp.”

13. She’s extremely grateful for all of her followers. You can always find her showing love and thanking them for their support in her TikToks. In one of her captions, she expressed, “TYSM FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND LOVE!!”

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