9 ‘Drivers License’ Fun Facts We Learned From Olivia Rodrigo’s Behind-the-Scenes Video

9 ‘Drivers License’ Fun Facts We Learned From Olivia Rodrigo’s Behind-the-Scenes Video
Photo: Courtesy of @olivia.rodrigo / Instagram

Just when we thought we couldn’t stan Olivia Rodrigo any harder than we already do…

In less than a month since its premiere, the music video for “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” star’s debut single “drivers license” has already racked up over 78 million (yes, million) views on YouTube. And TBH, we’re 99% positive at least half of those views are from us.

It’s safe to say that everyone (and their mother) is obsessed with Olivia’s iconic track, and now she’s giving us even more to obsess over by releasing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her moody-lit visual! Not only did watching it make us fall even further in love with the 17-year-old starlet, but it also revealed some seriously surprising secrets! Keep scrolling to catch 9 things we learned about “drivers license” after watching Liv’s BTS footage.

1. The entire music video was shot on film! This gives it a real raw, beautiful, and unique effect that’s extremely aesthetically pleasing… don’t you agree?!

2. It was freezing cold while filming! Based the Olivia’s super cute summer ‘fits Olivia rocks in the video, we totally assumed it was filmed someplace warm, but it was actually bundle-up weather. We never would’ve guessed!

3. All of the projections were filmed on an iPhone! Olivia filmed them with one of her best friends, which signifies the “memories that keep running through this girl’s head as she’s going through this heartbreak.” It’s basically one long (and extremely beautiful) camera roll dump!

4. There’s a reason behind why they chose the car they used! Olivia’s dream is to own a white, vintage Mercedes, so naturally, she *had* to be driving a super “stunning” one in her equally stunning musical video!

5. The total vibe behind the video is extremely relatable. At one point livia shared that she wanted the video to capture the feeling of teenage heartbreak in the suburbs, which reflects her own personal experience (and resonates with so many more, too)!

6. Olivia wanted Matthew Dillon Cohen to direct. When meeting with him, she thought “he had the best ideas” and instantly knew they had to bring her vision to life together!

7. The house scenes weren’t filmed on a sound stage! The director was driving through the neighborhood, spotted a beautiful house (mid-century modern… AKA, Olivia’s “absolute favorite” design stule), and just knocked on the door! Imagine Olivia shooting her music video in your house. We can’t —

8. They also filmed in a cool, abandoned car park! Makes sense though, the song IS called “Drivers License” so it’s very on brand!

9. The last shot of the whole shoot was super candid! The final scene took place all under a huge, stunning purple light, where Olivia got to sing and dance her heart out!

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