11 Jayden Bartels Inspired Eye Makeup Looks You Need Try ASAP

11 Jayden Bartels Inspired Eye Makeup Looks You Need Try ASAP
Photo: Courtesy of @jaydenbartels / Instagram

Liners and shadows and mascara…oh my!

If we know anything about our girl Jayden Bartels, it’s that the multi-talented queen slays the game when it comes to all things makeup. Her Insta posts are basically perfection, and the looks she creates are everything we aspire to achieve and more! Guess you can say “beauty guru” is her “Side Hustle” (see what we did there?)!

To prove it, we’ve rounded up 11 of Jayden’s next-level makeup moments, so keep scrolling get inspired, get creative and try ’em out yourself!

1. Shadows on shadows! Not only are we totally living for the makeup in this pic, but the aesthetic is a total vibe too! *Runs all over house to find sun and shadows* The funky, colorful details in her shirt beautifully bring out the neon blue liner on her lids.

2. Lots of dots! Clearly there are no rules when it comes to makeup and expressing yourself. The classic black wing is a perfect contrast for the white dots that frame the arch of her lid. Can someone say obsessed?!

3. Cotton candy moment. One thing that we love about Jayden is that she’s not afraid to play with color. Bright, bold hues can oftentimes be daunting, but sometimes you just have to go for it…and then BOOM! PERFECTION.

4. Rockstar vibes. There’s nothing a little eyeliner (or even a lot of eyeliner) can’t do! Not quite a pro yet? A thin, brush tip, liquid liner will give you the control you need to master this look!

5. Outline-r. This makeup moment is so unique because Jayden, yet again, uses eyeliner in a nontraditional way! This time, she took a green shade to completely cut the crease of her lid and form her iconic wing at each end. We’ll BRB as we attempt to do the same — and make them as perfectly even on both sides!

6. Blushy bombshell. A super, shimmery pink shadow is an easy way to make a simple statement. Paired with a liquid liner both on top of and below the eye will make a statement that will slay! What more could we ask for?

7. Soft shadows. First of all, we’re actually obsessed with this entire look: ‘fit, hair, AND makeup. Since the sweater is bright and loud, adding soft shadow shades makes for a perfect balance. (Side note: we’re most definitely, 100% now considering dyeing our hair pink, thanks to Jayden too!)

8. THIS. LOOK. IS. EVERYTHING. Sorry, we just can’t contain our excitement for this fierce, floral moment. This creation is proof that less is more! A fun color to line the eye is sometimes all you need.

9. Iconic Jayden. Known for her classic winged, black eyeliner, this flicked cat eye is a staple in her makeup routine. All hail the queen! How she manages to get them perfectly even is a mystery we’ll never understand…

10. Subtle smokey. Applying nude shades are a great way to achieve a natural look, but still allows for the fun of wearing makeup! Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the creativity in capturing these photos?!

11. Detailed designs. Okay, just when we thought the eyeliner couldn’t get anymore intricate… the makeup master serves us this! Practice will definitely be needed to perfect this detailed wing, but hey… IT’S. WORTH. IT.

Now that you’ve mastered makeup like Jayden, time to see how much you’re really like her! Find out if you’re more like Jayden Bartels or Jules LeBlanc with this quiz!