15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sienna Mae Gomez

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Sienna Mae Gomez
Photo Credit: @illumitati on Instagram

Get to know Sienna Mae Gomez (AKA @SpicyLatina)!

If you’re anywhere near as addicted to social media as we are, then you’ve definitely had this TikTok trailblazer grace your For You Page at one point over the past couple of months. The 16-year-old overnight sensation is constantly filling our feeds with important posts about body positivity, self-love, and real and raw clips from her everyday life!

Sienna also slays dance challenges, funny collabs, and overall radiates good vibes for her 13 million (and counting) followers. Keep scrolling to see why we’re actually OB-SESSED with confidence kween Sienna!

1. Her first video was originally filmed as a joke, and went viral on TikTok by accident! Confidently dancing to Cardi B’s “WAP,” she uploaded the video to her spam account and intended it to be for “Friends Only,” only to wake up in the morning and see that it racked up millions of views (and has more than 18.8 million views today)!

2. She is the CEO of the “Squirrel Dance.” It only makes sense that her fans are called “Acorns,” because we can confidently say we are 100% nuts for Sienna, ourselves!

3. Her iconic pink hat is a TikTok staple. You may recognize the hot pink, sequined accessory from her videos, because it’s almost always bound to make a surprise cameo! *Googles “where to buy pink-sequined hat*

4. She owns more than 20 bathing suits, which she considers her “prized possessions.” These are most definitely another one of her most obvious TikTok wardrobe staples!

5. Bathing suits being her “prized processions” only makes sense because of the places she loves to travel to! You can always find her around water, especially because her favorite places visiting California beaches, and spending time in Hawaii are her go-to locations.

6. She almost always ends her videos with a “go-to move.” Whether that be a dab, a peace sign, or her iconic revved-up squirrel, keep an eye out to see what move she hits to wrap!

7. You’ll never guess where she comes up with some of her TikToks! In a recent interview, Sienna said that some of her greatest, funniest TikToks are thought of in the shower (guess that means it’s time we lay off the singing, and start brainstorming)!

8. It usually takes her 1-2 takes before she posts a video on TikTok. Sienna use to do 6-7 tries before uploading, but now she’s all about making content that is as genuine as possible, and not forced. That’s what we love most about her!

9. They ship, you ship, we all ship Sienna and Jack Wright! The close-as-can-be collab duo are as cute as can be!

10. Jack and Sienna grew up together. In fact, they attended the same high school (we wonder if they took chemistry together *wink, wink*)!

11. The dynamic duo rock matching necklaces! Sienna and Jack’s cuteness doesn’t stop there. They even have each other’s initials on them too. We’re not crying, you are!

12. She has her own line of merch called “Confidence Is Cute.” Never did we want a sweatshirt that says “Little Acorns” on it more than we do at this very moment!

13. Khalid is one of her favorite artists, and she even got to meet him in 2017!

14. Sienna has a really close relationship with her brother, Jacub. He’s a photographer and has even filmed some of her most notable and viral TikToks! Now if that’s not #SiblingGoals, IDK what is!

15. Her family is her #1 support group and gives her the confidence that makes her shine! She recently shared that she grew up “being told from the day [she] was born that [she is] a powerful human that can do anything [she sets her] mind to.”

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