10 Times The ‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Cast Was Friendship Goals

10 Times The ‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Cast Was Friendship Goals
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

These friends shine together, bright forever!

If you’re anything like us, your “Julie and The Phantoms” obsession didn’t just end at season one’s cliff-hanger of a finale. And that’s because, even without any new episodes to watch, we still see plenty of the band while scrolling social media!

Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Owen Patrick Joyner, and Jeremy Shada are constantly filling our feeds with behind-the-scenes pics that prove they’re on-screen AND off-screen besties!

In need of your Fantom fix? While you anxiously wait for confirmation of a second season (yes, we’re looking at you, Netflix), keep scrolling to see 10 of our favorite moments between these core four friends.

1. Charlie and Owen made it to Jeremy’s big day back in March!
ICYMI: Love birds Jeremy and Carolyn’s wedding video was posted on YouTube and there are tons of adorable Sunset Curve boy moments!

2. The boys took a trip with director Kenny Ortega to Maui!
Back in November, the Phantom guys took some much-needed R&R time in Hawaii! While they were there, we got premium content from the quartet, including an epic and total nail-biting arm wrestle battle between Charlie and Jeremy!

3. Charlie and Owen were roommates while filming!
Back when the gang was all together in Vancouver, these two multi-talented actors became roomies without even knowing each other! The duo lived, breathed, and slept for music, LITERALLY! In a cast interview, Charlie talked about how he woke up every morning to Owen blaring broadway music!

4. To mark their friendship, the boys got matching ghost tattoos!
On a reunion trip to New York, Charlie, Owen, and Kenny got some spooktacular ink, and Jeremy was obviously there for moral support!

5. Charlie and Madison originally bonded through their love of songwriting!The two even wrote the fan-favorite track, “Perfect Harmony” together on set for their characters! In a special Netflix bonus episode, “Behind the Band: Perfect Harmony,” the two talked about how in between takes they were working on a special song to pay homage to their fearless leader, Kenny Ortega!

“Kenny’s initial reaction to us showing him this song [Perfect Harmony] was, ‘Did you guys find this online, like this is a really good song?’… Him [Kenny] saying like ‘Okay, I want this in the show,’ and us [Madison and Charlie] looking back at each other like, ‘Oh it’s actually happening,'” Madison gushed.

6. And lucky for us, they’re always down for an encore duet!
We cannot get enough of this acoustic version of the song the Charlie and Mads made together on TikTok!

7. The fab four doesn’t just sing on TikTok though!
Yup, we’re talking about *thaaaat* iconic dance and how they still have the music streaming from their soul when they’re apart! But there’s plenty more where that came from!

8. They all wear and support Jeremy and Carolyn’s adorable ghost merch! Seriously, can we talk about how cute this tee-shirt is?!

9.They’re always down to get a little silly!
Madison may or may not have revealed that she’s the biggest prankster of the group with this throwback set moment while song-writing with Charlie!

10. Whoaaa, this band is back (on Instagram Live)!
Turn your post notifications on, fantoms, because these friends are always hitting each other up on Instagram live!

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