Jillian Shea Spaeder Teases Upcoming Album & Breaks Down Recent Single ‘You & Me’

Jillian Shea Spaeder Teases Upcoming Album & Breaks Down Recent Single ‘You & Me’
Photo Credit: Maiya Buck

We’re fangirling (and fangirling hard) over this multi-talented queen!

Singer, songwriter, actress, director and more: you name it, Jillian Shea Spaeder probably does it! The 18-year-old, “Godmothered” star is currently crushing the music game with the release of her recent single “you & me,” and isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon — especially because she has an entire new album in the works, and it’s being released even sooner than we thought (like…Spring 2021 soon).
Let the countdown begin!

What can fans expect to hear on the new project? We caught up with Jillian, who revealed that a “you & me” music video is on its way, got real about the surprising spot she writes all her songs (you’ll NEVER believe it) and more!

What inspired you to write your most recent single “you & me” and why did you decide to release it right before Valentine’s Day?

Jillian: I wrote “you & me” because I was trying to work on doing a better job of storytelling in my songwriting. When I was younger, I had the tendency to write sentences that I thought were pretty, but they really didn’t tell a story. I wanted to write a song from the perspective of a girl who’s begging for somebody’s attention and begging them to come back and then over time, realizes that she was manipulated and doesn’t need them…that she doesn’t need somebody [else] to be happy.

You’ve been a really great role model for young girls when it comes to self love and loving others. What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling with that?

Jillian: A lot of people are very self conscious about being single and not having had their first kiss. I think that when everyone else is doing stuff, you feel this pressure to conform…but it’s important to take a moment and be like ‘it doesn’t make me weird to not have kissed anyone.’ That’s not a big deal, it doesn’t matter. Do whatever you want, whenever you feel ready and in the moment to do stuff. I think it’s a hard reminder to give yourself, but an important one.

As a songwriter, do you tend to write from personal experiences? If so, is it scary at times to be vulnerable in your music knowing that it will be shared with the world?

Jillian: Yes, oh my gosh! I was writing a song yesterday, and I was like ‘I like this line, but I’m taking it out because I’m going to be too embarrassed to put this out in public.’ I think it is definitely something that you think about…that’s why sometimes I don’t write about my personal experiences, because it feels almost a little too personal to put out…but I’m starting to get over that. I honestly tend to write from my friends’ experiences or characters’ perspectives from TV shows I watch. It’s a mixture, but I try to create a comprehensive story.

What can you tell us about your forthcoming album you’re releasing in the spring?

Jillian: I’m still working on a ton of stuff. I’m back home and not in the studio, so I’m writing alone with a guitar, which is interesting because that’s how I used to write a lot when I was younger. As I got older, I was working in the studio with other people and wasn’t playing the guitar while we were all writing…I think it’s going back to the way I used to write when I was little and all by myself…so I’m going to send everything over to producers and make it happen! It’ll be fun!

You mentioned you’re taking things back to your roots with this album. Is that where you feel most inspired and do you think this album is going to be different from other music you’ve put out in the past?

Jillian: Yes, it’s definitely going to be different. I was thinking today about recording a couple of live songs just with my guitar and putting them out…making them very real, and acoustic. I definitely find inspiration from just being by myself with a guitar. I also find inspiration from what I haven’t done in a while, and I haven’t done that in a while.

What’s something that happened while creating this album that fans would be surprised to know?

Jillian: I’ve been writing the entire thing in my mom’s car! I don’t like writing in front of people unless they’re writers and we’re in a writing room. I don’t like when people can hear me writing. I don’t know why! I get very self conscious, so I like going in the car [even though] it’s pretty cold because I’m in Pennsylvania. I go in the backseat with my guitar and notebook and then just write…in the driveway.

Can we expect any music videos accompanying the upcoming album? Or maybe even some directed by you?

Jillian: We are working on a “you & me” music video. We have it all planned out…I just need to be in LA, so hopefully soon! I think it’s going to be a little darker, like LED lights dark…dark energy.

Why is directing your own work important to you?

Jillian: I think it’s really cool when you can write a song, feel the emotions while writing it, and then actually put the visual while you’re writing it on the screen…I like how the emotion completely matches the visual and fits because it’s what you’re picturing while you’re writing.

What’s the best piece of advice you would share to other young girls, like yourself, who are trying to pursue their dreams just like you.

Jillian: I think that it’s hard because a lot of people, especially right now, are feeling discouraged and hard work isn’t paying off…it’s really important to remember that hard work does pay off…and it might just not pay off immediately…sometimes it takes a couple weeks, or a couple years…It’s important to keep trying!

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