11 Johnny Orlando Lyrics That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Him All Over Again

11 Johnny Orlando Lyrics That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Him All Over Again
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Let’s admit it, we all have “Teenage Fever” for Johnny Orlando, and that’s something that will never really be over (sorry, we had to)!

The 18-year-old singer knows how to write a killer love song and can sing it perfectly, too. His lyrics are relatable and charming, and always have fans falling head over heels! While we wait patiently for more music from Johnny in 2021 (which he’s promised is on its way!), let’s admire some of the lyrics that made us fall in love with him in the first place.

Keep scrolling to catch 11 of his most swoon-worthy song moments!

1. “Let’s talk about all the things that we shouldn’t talk about // Those kind of words that will change all the things we talk about” -“What If (I Told You I Like You)”

2. “Wish I could tell u what u wanna hear // but I can’t control the way I feel” – unreleased song he performed on Instagram

3. “But you and I… you and I loved once // And I just wanna see you” – “See You”

4. “I kinda like it when you waste my time // ‘Cause it means I get to look in those eyes // Got me feelin’ like there ain’t no need to think beyond tonight” – “Waste My Time”

5. “And I don’t wanna fall asleep now // ‘Cause being with you right now // Is better than our dreams now” – “Sleep”

6. “I wonder if she ever got my letters // We got a story for the masses // The kind of love that’ll never turn to ashes” – “Last Summer”

7. “We were closer than close, at our worst, we were better than most” – “Deep Down”

8. “there’s no pressure with us // You can tell me your secrets, you know I won’t judge” – “All These Parties”

9. “No, I can’t be without you // But I have to let you go // You’ll always have a piece of my heart” – “Piece of My Heart”

10. “You deserve love // The kind that everyone searches for // So what about us? I’ll give you my heart and so much more” – “Everything”

11. “Ruin my life // Long as you’re in it, then I won’t think twice” – “Adelaide”

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