14 Nail Art Moments You Need To Get Your Hands On This Valentine’s Day

14 Nail Art Moments You Need To Get Your Hands On This Valentine’s Day
Photo Credit: @beautybycharlotte39 / Instagram

Roses are red, violets are blue, these manis are perfect for you!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and even if you’re stanning the single life, nothing is stopping you from feeling festive. Not quite in the ‘love is in the air’ spirit just yet? Get your hands on some fashionable fingertips, and we promise your heart will skip a beat!

Whether you’re trying to catch the attention of your crush or having a date night with lots of chocolate, these nail art designs are sure to stir up some love…

1. You Are The Apple Of My Eye (by @grandnailsalon)
This design is a subtle way of telling your crush “I’ve got my eye on you!”

2. Bleeding Love (by @miklobrigi)
This festive twist on the classic french tip is perfect for showing your holiday spirit in a low-key way.

3. My Heart’s Aflame (by @tanjanails)
These nails are fire! They could easily be worn year-round, but definitely set the burning love vibe of the V-Day season.

4. Sweet As Candy (by @nailsbyerikap)
Is your favorite part of V-day the candy? Us too! This candy heart design is every sweet tooth’s dream come true.

5. Cupid Cutie (by @youngnailsinc)
It’s difficult to be a secret admirer of glitter…especially when this sparkly ombre is too cute to keep quiet about!

6. Heartbeats for BAE (by @nailsbyerikap)
Not into red and pink? Try out this nude look with a unique blooming heart design!

7. I Love You Cherry Much (by @keczi)
Sometimes your nails can make or break an outfit, but these nails are sure to be the cherry on top of any look!

8. Wild About You (by @nailchark)
Animal print will never go out of style! Adding a pop of pink to the design makes a perfect fun (and flirty) look for your romantic date or Galentine’s day party.

9. Cross My Heart (by @nickknailz)
This design proves love always wins (even at tic-tac-toe).

10. Heart-Eyes Everywhere (by @chalkboardnails)
Looking for a non-traditional nail design? This minimal, black and white look with typewriter font should be the subject of every love letter.

11. I Lava You (by @nailchark)
The tie-dye trend is never leaving, so why not tie it to your mani! This design is simple and just as easy to DIY.

12. Checking You Out (by @hardasnail.studio)
Are you wanting a unique look that’s red, white and could be worn any time? This look checks off everything on our list!

13.Love You Like XO (by @devs_nails)
Having trouble picking just one design? Don’t make yourself lovesick! Try out an accent nail (or two).

14. Falling For You (by @tanjanails)
Did Cupid just release his arrow? Because we are love struck by these pink hues! Combining different shades of pink to the tips of your nails adds a special touch to any V-day look.

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