Exclusive: Dylan Conrique Dishes On Writing Her Relatable New Single ‘After All’

Exclusive: Dylan Conrique Dishes On Writing Her Relatable New Single ‘After All’
Photo Credit: Lauren Dunn

Prom might be a disappointment, but new music from Dylan Conrique never is!

And her latest single “After All” is proof of that! In the oh-too-relatable tale of teen woes, the 16-year-old songstress shows off her storytelling skills and brilliantly belts about the ‘little bit of heaven, little bit of hell’ in-between of relationship reality. And the best part? She does it all in a pretty-pink turned edgier-than-ever Prom gown!

Lucky for us, we got to catch up with Dylan to find out what inspired the track, which line of lyrics she connects with most, and more!

So much has changed since you kicked off your music career in early 2020. In what ways have your experiences of growth in the past year influenced your songwriting?

Dylan: “Baby Blue” was about who I was at that time and what personal experiences I was going through. While I’ve been writing since the EP, I’ve grown and shifted some of my songwriting to be more about general life decisions and experiences that other people can relate to as well.

One of the most powerful skills in your arsenal is your ability to relate to your audience and fans. Why is it so important to you to create such a strong connection between your own experiences and the experiences of your listeners?

Dylan: I try to make my writing as specific as possible to paint a picture and build a story, but also in a way where other people can relate and apply the lyrics to their own lives. I feel like when I write true to how I’m feeling in the moment, it reflects in the song well and is often something that my listeners are also going through themselves because we’re all growing up together.

“After All” is filled with sing-along lyrics. What is your favorite line?

Dylan: My favorite line is “good at excuses, but so bad at telling him what I feel”. It stands out to me because I relate to it the most. I’m definitely more of a closed-off person, I don’t show my feelings easily until they build up and explode. I know a lot of other people are like that too, but it’s something that I’m working on!

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