13 Things You Didn’t Know About Ellie Zeiler

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Ellie Zeiler
Photo: Courtesy of @elliezeiler / Instagram

Get to know Ellie Zeiler!

This 16-year-old style icon in the making is living proof that you really can do it all! Not only does she seriously slay the social media game (where she’s racked up tens of millions of followers in less than a year…yep, tens of millions!) but she’s also a cooking connoisseur, fitness guru, and social activist too!

Think you know everything there is to know about Ellie? Think again! Here are 13 fun facts that may surprise you about the content creating queen…

1. Ellie wasn’t initially allowed to be on TikTok. When we caught up with Ellie during our live interview series Friends From Afar, the talented teen revealed that at first, her parents were pretty strict with her screen time and only allowed her to scroll the app for one minute a day. It wasn’t until her little brother hacked the restrictions password that she was able to begin posting. LOL! Luckily, her mom supported her social media dreams from there — and the rest is history.

2. Her ultimate dream is to attend NYU for college. In one of her recent YouTube videos, Ellie talks about how, ever since she was a little girl, she’s always wanted to go to school in The Big Apple and that she’s manifesting a future life as an NYU student. Girl, if you can believe it, you can achieve it!

3. Her celebrity crush is Timothee Chalamet! We can’t blame Ellie for this one…seriously, how can you not be in love with Timmy and his gorgeous hair?! The social media star also said that she’s never slid into a celeb’s DMs. But hey, shoot your shot, sister!

4. She’s super close with her mom and looks up to her as a role model! If you follow Ellie, then you’ve definitely caught a glimpse or two of her mom, Sarah, who’s always popping up on her daughter’s TikToks. The quick cameos have even inspired her to make her own account!

5. She founded a non-profit, Together As One, before ever gaining a following. Ellie started the @tgaomovement Instagram account with two of her friends after a tragic shooting at a nearby synagogue. They wanted to start a conversation around anti-hate that supported equality of race, sexuality, religion and everything in between. Since then, it’s become an important and impactful movement!

6. Early on, Ellie faced constant comparison to Charli D’Amelio. The California-native’s quick rise to fame came with a lot of backlash from TikTok users who accused her of “copying” Charli’s look, and even though the undeserved negativity was frustrating, Ellie has said that the comparison really pushed her to show off her own personality and establish herself as an individual.

7. She was on “Chopped Junior” when she was 12! Back in 2016, Ellie was given the opportunity to show off her passion for cooking when she was cast in an episode of the iconic culinary franchise. In a YouTube video, she shared that filming the show is one of the reasons she fell in love with NYC and TV production!

8. She wants to start acting! Earlier this year, Ellie told us that she’s started to take acting classes because, while she’s always had a knack for behind-the-scenes work, she’d also love to pursue a project in front of the camera. Oh, and she also mentioned that being cast in a Netflix show or movie is #1 on her bucket list!

9. Fashion is her passion and she inspires everyone with her ‘fits. We live for Ellie’s OOTDs on Instagram and can’t get enough of her fashion TikToks. She shared that she tracks trends by searching Pinterest, Instagram and Vogue online for style inspiration and then develops her own looks from there!

10. She has two twin brothers! Ellie is super close with her family, but especially with her younger brothers Ben and Will, who are 14 and who also deserve credit for her social media start (see fun fact #1). Can someone say sibling goals??

11. Ellie has attended four high schools! She’s moved a lot throughout the years, but doesn’t let the change in scenery get to her. During a chit chat GRWMV video, the glass-half-full thinker explained that she’s grateful for all the opportunities she’s received and the diverse experiences she’s had in the different educational environments.

12. She’s also an athlete! Ellie has mentioned that she’s an avid golfer — and she’s also played six years of competitive basketball. That’s dedication if you ask us!

13. She gained over 100,000 YouTube subscribers in seven months! Ellie is a cross-platform social star! With her funny vlogs, fashion hauls and outfit content, it’s no surprise that her channel has grown so quickly.

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