Addison Rae & Cast Announce Finally Announce The ‘He’s All That’ Premiere Date

Addison Rae & Cast Announce Finally Announce The ‘He’s All That’ Premiere Date
Photo: Courtesy of @addisonraee / Instagram

From the FYP to the Netflix homepage!

Content creator, makeup-line co-creator, podcast host, dancer, and now soon-to-be movie star: Addison Rae is about to make her acting debut in the upcoming film “He’s All That,” and we couldn’t be more excited. The movie is a gender-swapped reboot of the 1999 teen comedy “She’s All That,” and centers around an influencer who attempts to turn a “nerdy” boy into prom king!

Can’t wait to see it? Keep scrolling to catch everything we know about the sure-to-be fun-filled flick — including when it’ll premiere on Netflix!

1. It’ll be Addison’s first-ever feature role! We’ve heard her voice Marnie in “Spy Cat,” but now she’s about to put her on-camera acting skills to the test too! We seriously can’t wait for her debut (and low-key wonder if she’ll be showcasing any “Renegade” moves in the movie too).

2. The movie will be available in over 190 countries! Yep, you read that right…countries! Since Netflix picked up the rights to Miramax’s reboot, Addison is well on her way to being a household name all over the world.

3. Tanner Buchanan will star alongside Addison. You may recognize these green eyes, flowing hair, and amazing acting skills from Disney’s “Girl Meets World,” or Nickelodeon’s “Game Shakers,” so it’s definitely safe to say that Tanner’s no stranger to the acting world!

4. Two other former Disney Channel stars will also be joining the cast! Peyton Meyer from “Girl Meets World” and Madison Pettis from Disney Channel’s 2008 series “Cory in the House” are booked, busy, and big screen ready!

5. Addison is doing everything she can to best prepare for the role. In a recent episode of her podcast “Mama Knows Best,” she shared, “I have been preparing a lot for it. I’ve been reading a lot, I’ve been working with my team, I’ve been working with the director, the producer, and everyone.” She continued, “It’s going to be so much fun and I know that it’s gonna be great because I am putting in the right work for it to get it where I need it to be.”

6. We’re familiar with , and huge fans of the director’s work already! Mark Waters will be directing “He’s All That,” and has directed popular classics that we all know and love like “Mean Girls” and the 2003 Disney classic “Freaky Friday”!

7. Addison’s not holding back about her nerves. In another episode of her “Mama Knows Best” podcast, she opened up, saying “I am nervous for the movie… I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on me about it because it is a remake, so there’s kind of like already a standard for it, which is nerve-wracking.”

8. The original writers and producers are reuniting to work on the remake! Writer R. Lee Fleming and producers Jennifer Gibgot and Andrew Panay are back at it again, so this reboot is going to be spot on (bit with a TikTok twist of today)!

9. It’s a dream come true for Addison! In her initial Instagram post announcing the news, the social media star wrote: “My dreams are coming true…I’m so excited to finally share the news that i am getting the opportunity to make my acting debut in HE’S ALL THAT which is a remake of one of my all time favorite movies, SHE’S ALL THAT.” You go, girl! Nobody deserves it more.

10. They’ve officially wrapped filming! On November 16th, Addison took to her Instagram Story to share behind-the-scenes pics from set, and even showed off a cute gift the production team gave her for good luck. “Addison, we are very excited to welcome you to the production of “He’s All That,” and a few weeks later, the cast and crew wrapped!

11. “She’s All That” star Rachael Leigh Cook is returning for the movie’s remake!
The original 1999 movie’s lead, who played the infamous Laney Boggs, is joining the new film’s cast as Addison’s on-screen mom!

12. It’ll officially debut on August 27th! After wrapping production back in mid-December of 2020, the cast finally shared the exciting premiere date news with fans and followers in the best way possible…by teaming up for an Instagram Reels collab, duh!

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