14 Things You Didn’t Know About Piper Rockelle

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Piper Rockelle
Photo: Courtesy of @piperrockelle / Instagram

Calling all #Piperazzi, snap a pic of this!

Talk about hustle, Piper Rockelle shows no sign of slowing down and neither does her content, which is stirring up a storm across every social media platform! At just 13 years old, the “Butterflies” singer has racked up millions of followers and released several singles, keeping fans constantly at the edge of their seats wondering what she’ll do next.

She had us at “shalom,” but scroll on for 14 fun facts that keep us fangirling over this bright and bubbly star all day, every day!

1. Frank the Pugan was named after Frank the pug from “Men in Black.” And with an origin story like that, Frank was obviously born for super stardom. Piper’s furry friend seems to be constantly stealing the show in her YouTube videos, but we aren’t complaining – his cameos are always cuteness and comedy overload!

2. Family is her main source of inspiration! Piper is very close to her family, especially because her mother raised her on her own. She once said in a podcast that she loves to travel back home to Atlanta, Georgia to recharge and eat her grandma’s delicious home-cooking. Pssst, Piper! Can we get an invite to dinner?!

3. She recently caught the baking bug and acquired her own kitchen skills. Over quarantine, Piper got real about how she picked up baking cookies to pass the time. Her specialty? Oatmeal cookies! Influencer, actress, artist…and now chef! We call that a quadruple threat.

4. Her family also supports her career! Piper’s brother Hunter is the mastermind behind her YouTube channel. It’s gonna be hard to top this sibling goals relationship! Her big bro helps film and edit some of his sister’s videos and is no stranger to social media himself. He’s been creating content since the days of Musical.ly and even has his own popular YouTube channel!

5. She has her mom to thank for the name “Piperazzi.” The social star said on iHeart Radio that after filming a TikTok to the song “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga, her mom thought that it would be a great idea to call her family the “Piperazzis.” And just like that… the fandom was born!

6. Her mom also influenced Piper’s passion for animals, and together they run a cat rescue organization! Feline-friendly is no doubt at the top of the teen’s brand. During our Friends From Afar interview, the cat-lover shared why she loves helping helpless kittens, “I think a lot of cats are underestimated. I feel like a lot of cats don’t get treated the way they should.” She has such a big heart!

7. Piper has adopted her own cats too, including one she rescued from her car! The Georgia-native once shared that she and her mom once found kitten curled up in their backseat after being thrown in the car through the sunroof! They, of course, adopted the cat and named her Thirteen because they found her on the 13th of the month.

8. Not only is she cat-obsessed, but she’s also a horse girl at heart. On a podcast, the animal-activist revealed her favorite childhood movie was “Spirit” and reminisced about how her mom would catch her trotting around pretending to be a pony when she was younger. So, it’s pretty clear where her acting career took off! Oh, and horses aren’t the only thing Piper fangirled over as a child…

9. She was a Siwanator! At just 2-years-old, Piper started competitively dancing, and like the rest of the dance world, JoJo Siwa was her idol! In a throwback YouTube video, she showed off her JoJo Bow collection and let’s just say…she owned more than a few of the star’s signature accessory!

10. To further prove her queen status, Piper won a Grand Supreme beauty pageant title at just 8 years old! Before gaining a following, she traveled around the US competing in pageants and brought home several titles — and crowns that were almost as tall as her. Clearly, the spotlight has always been shining on Piper!

11. She doesn’t let dyslexia define her. Piper opened up on her YouTube channel about how she’s struggled with dyslexia since she was little and how reading has never been her number one subject, but she always perseveres and puts in the work to succeed, and encourages her followers to do the same. You go, girl!

12. She has a love-hate relationship with homeschool. Piper has always been homeschooled, which she said is great for being independent, but makes meeting friends a little harder. In positive Piper fashion, this fueled her motivation to develop The Squad, where she and her friends (and bf) are able to collaborate, hang out and work together!

13. Speaking of boyfriends… her crush on Lev Cameron sparked after stalking his Instagram! We can’t blame Piper for this one, Lev’s pics have all his fans falling for him. In an interview, she explained that she met Lev while filming a video with Jentzen Ramirez, but at that point, her heart was already sparkling! Clearly, Lev was feeling the same way because the two are officially OTP and have been together for over a year. Too cute!

13. She has tour plans in the works! Could Piper hear our pleas for more live shows? It might just be true – don’t pinch us! Although the tour dates for “Piper Rockelle and #TheSquad Live” haven’t been rescheduled since the tour was postponed, the singer has teased on TikTok places she would like to travel to in the fall. Our fingers are crossed and will stay crossed!

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