Pics: Sydney Morgan’s 14 Most Creative Makeup Looks

Pics: Sydney Morgan’s 14 Most Creative Makeup Looks

BRB, recreating all of these (well, at least attempting to)!

TikToking glam guru Sydney Morgan is pretty much the definition of makeup goals, creating jaw-dropping looks that never fail to fashionably appear on our FYP! The talented 19-year-old artist has racked up over 100 million likes and isn’t slowing down any time soon. Plus, she’s always serving up epic transitions with fire music selections that keep us scrolling all day, everyday!

Want to see why we’re Sydney stans? Keep scrolling to catch our 14 favorite detailed designs, sequined-skeletons, and even more mythical and magical makeup moments!

1. Scary, but make it sparkle! It’s frightening how perfect this intricate, demonish design is. TBH, anything with rhinestones and sequins is a score in our book!

2. If this counts as studying, we’re in! By the look of it, science might be our new favorite subject and if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to get started on this homework assignment.

3. Serving some serious drip! This is the perfect pic if you’re in need of some neon inspo! *Adds purple makeup to cart*

4. When you’re indecisive. Can’t make up your mind and choose a go-to favorite holiday? Create them both! If “The Nightmare Before Christmas” were a makeup look, this would be it.

5. Scorching Scorpio! This is your ~sign~ to recreate this design with your zodiac sign. If the stars are aligned, you’ll master it just like Sydney did!

6. Sydney, is that you?! TIP: If you start practicing now, you’ll have this
grinch glam mastered for your holiday party come December. You’ll totally sleigh!

7. Flower power. Roses are red, her eyes are blue, we’re going to try this makeup look too!

8. Glamorous gills check! Between the fashionable fins and the lengthy lashes, Sydney’s serving major Ursula from the “Little Mermaid” vibes here.

9. The IRL “heart eyes” emoji! What’s not to love about this look?

10. The beauty buzz! Creative is an understatement. Her talent is everything we aspire to “bee” and more!

11. Ice princess! This snowy statement brings both chills and the heat at the same time.

12. Detail alert! WARNING: This creation calls for practice and patience, but (as you can tell) it’s so worth it!

13. Make ’em pop! This neon look is a bit more subtle compared to some of the beauty guru’s other designs, but definitely something to try for an everyday statement look.

14. The sky’s the limit! Sydney proves there to be so much potential when it comes to makeup. Just have fun, and let your imagination run wild!

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