EXCLUSIVE: Girl Pow-R Debuts Latest and Greatest Single ‘Never Let Go’

EXCLUSIVE: Girl Pow-R Debuts Latest and Greatest Single ‘Never Let Go’

Ladies, get ready to feel empowered!

Our favorite inspirational girl group, Girl Pow-r, is sharing an important message to fans and followers with their latest and greatest single “Never Let Go.” Inspired by the pressures of social media and reminding young girls to stay true to themselves, this song is about to be everything you never knew you needed!

But that’s not even the best part! TigerBeat readers are getting an exclusive, first listen to this oh-so-uplifting new bop. This group of young women is totally killing it in the music industry and this track proves it! Not only are we obsessed with the relatable lyrics, but dance-worthy beats as well. Keep scrolling to get your first listen to the song and see what girl group member, Milana, had to say about this song:

“The inspiration behind writing the lyrics for ‘Never Let Go’ is about how a lot of people in our society are trying to change you to not be yourself, and to act differently to fit in, but you should ‘Never Let Go’ of yourself for someone else! Be you and be proud of who you are.”

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