Exclusive: Girl Pow-R Debuts Inspiring New Single ‘Stronger Than Yesterday’

Exclusive: Girl Pow-R Debuts Inspiring New Single ‘Stronger Than Yesterday’

Dishing out girl power, one inspirational bop at a time!

Meet the newest girl group on the block: Girl Pow-R! They first caught our eye when they performed “KRISI” live on our Instagram (@TigerBeatNow) stories earlier this year, and we haven’t been able to forget them ever since.

Before it officially drops tomorrow, the young girl squad of not one, not two, but thirteen empowering ladies is giving TigerBeat readers early access to their feel-good anthem, “Stronger Than Yesterday,” so get your headphones ready and dance the day away! Keep scrolling to give the oh-so-relatable track a listen and to get the inside scoop on al things Girl Pow-R: from the inspiration behind their latest and greatest to behind-the-scenes recording studio secrets and everything in between!

What’s the inspiration behind “Stronger Than Yesterday”?
KALISTA: This song is as the title suggests, it’s about how we are going to face obstacles and how people are going to want to put us down, but after experiencing those hard times we are smarter and stronger so that we can overcome the negativity.
CARINA: The inspiration behind “Stronger than Yesterday” is to inspire others to become better versions of themselves every day, and to not listen to those who have tried to bring you down. It is important that we remain strong individuals throughout the good and bad times, and that we learn from our mistakes. 
AVA: The inspiration behind “Stronger than Yesterday” is believing in yourself and being confident about who you are.
BELLA: All youth experience difficulty in their lives, emotional, physical or psychological. Girl Pow-R is here to tell you that you are not alone, the storm will pass and you will emerge stronger and more able with every day that goes by.

What’s your favorite line of lyrics from the song and why?
SOFIA: The overall message behind my music is to always be honest and true to yourself. Being honest and true will give you confidence when you need it!
BELLA: ‘I wish I knew why so many people prefer to hate when love is the only answer to cure it all’. I feel like this sentence best captures the essence of the song, driving thoughts away from negativity and towards a positive outcome.
CARINA: My favorite lyric in “Stronger than Yesterday” is “keep holding on, cuz tomorrow change will come”. This is because it reminds us that tomorrow is a new day and things that have happened in the past can be put behind us. It is important that we are able to let go and move on from things because, even if we are going through a hard time, things will eventually get better. There is a positive aspect to everything we experience in our daily lives. 
KALISTA: I really like the line “wish i knew why so many prefer to hate when love is the only answer to cure it all” because with social media and apps it’s not hard for people to start hating on someone because of one mistake they make. But, when you start to love, and start to see the good in them, life becomes a lot easier.

What’s one thing fans would be surprised to know about the songwriting/recording process?
CARINA: Fans would be surprised to know that the best songs are thought about being written at the most unexpected times, and are usually about simple day-to-day experiences that can happen to anyone! Recording original songs is super fun and, while you are recording, your creative juices continue to flow, and many extra ad-libs and harmonies are created at the spur of the moment, which really tops off a great song. 
BELLA: For the recording process, fans may not know that there are many voice types in the group and a tremendous amount of work was needed to balance these great voices so that each girl could be heard and the fluidity of the song was never interrupted.
SOFIA: No matter where you come from, what age or gender you are, you are special in your own way. With lots of hard work, you can accomplish anything!

How would you describe Girl Pow-R’s sound in three words?
AVA: Fresh, Pop, Energetic
BELLA: Uplifting, confident, captivating 
CARINA: I would describe Girl Pow-R’s sound in the words empowering, creative, and unique. 
KALISTA: I would use “powerful”, “inspirational” and “awesome”

Is there an overall message behind your music in general?
BELLA: Our job as a group is to inspire our generation to better themselves, become role models in their respective communities, and promote positivity through our music and social causes.
AVA: Our message is simple, to believe in yourself and be who you are. Don’t try to be something you’re not.
All of our songs are about bullying awareness, self-love and love for others.
CARINA: We would really like to inspire people to follow their dreams and not hold back from their true potential. We promote equality for all, and we believe that no one should let anything get in their way of achieving greatness. 

If you could tell your fans one thing, what would it be?
KALISTA: I would say “keep doing you. People are always going to bring you down but it’s your job to ignore the haters and to love yourself no matter what.” 
AVA: To our fans, thank you for all your support and following us on social media! We will keep trying to bring our fans a positive message through our music, and make it fun and exciting for everyone!
BELLA: Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter. “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change,” Michael Jackson.
CARINA: I would like to thank all of our fans for the large amount of support we received when releasing our original song Krisi last November, and more recently the release of our music video for it. We really appreciate all of the positive feedback and it was amazing to see the amount of you who can relate to the song. Our goal with the song was to inspire you all and I think that we have achieved that.

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