Exclusive Premiere: ‘The JoJo and BowBow Show’ Episode 2

Exclusive Premiere: ‘The JoJo and BowBow Show’ Episode 2

Get your popcorn ready, because episode two of “The JoJo and BowBow show” is here!

When JoJo Siwa and BowBow go on vacation, even the airplane ride is an adventure! Halfway through the flight, the in-flight entertainment system stops working. While JoJo sleeps, BowBow hosts Bingo, a Limbo contest, and re-enacts her favorite trilogy, “Jurassic Bark”. You go-go, BowBow! Catch a brand new episode of The JoJo & BowBow Show Show every Saturday, only on the Nickelodeon YouTube Channel!

Want the inside scoop on all things JoJo and BowBow? We caught up with the 15-year-old triple threat for the 411 on everything from what it’s really like sharing the screen with her furry friend, to the best adventure she’s ever shared with BowBow and more!

Did you ever think that you and BowBow would have your own animated series?
JoJo: Yes and no. I never thought this would actually happen, but I have dreamed about me doing a show with my adorable pup. Now that it’s finally here it’s crazy!

How is voicing a series like this different from traditional on-screen acting?
JoJo: Actually, it is kind of strange different. I am the voice of me and my dog so my voice gets worn out. It takes less time to record animated show than act on-screen for an episode but it is weird you don’t get to see what you are doing until it is put together which takes about six months!

“The JoJo and BowBow Show” is all about BowBow’s adventures. What’s the most memorable adventure you and BowBow have ever gone on in real life?
JoJo: One of my most favorite memories is when we were in Minneapolis for SuperBowl at a nice steakhouse with BowBow zipped up in her bag carrier, eating her bone. During the middle of our dinner, the table next us says “Look there is dog running around the restaurant”, we look and it’s BowBow! She got out of her carrier and was going around the restaurant.

How would you describe BowBow’s personality in 3 words?
JoJo: Adorable, sweet and fun.

Does BowBow love wearing bows just as much as you do?
JoJo: She loves wearing bows as much as I do but what she really loves to wear is clothes. She has an old hoodie, that is dirty with cheese stains and super worn-out but she loves it. I tried to throw it away and BowBow dug in the trash bag and dragged it across the room for me to put it on her!

What’s the best part about starring in a series with your best friend/pet?
JoJo: People get to look at BowBow’s secret little adorable life.

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