EXCLUSIVE: LaurDIY Reveals Her Favorite 2019 Prom Trend

EXCLUSIVE: LaurDIY Reveals Her Favorite 2019 Prom Trend

The DIY Queen is here to help you get ready for prom!

In case you missed it, LaurDIY recently teamed up with Journeys and Converse along with beauty influencer Hailie Barber, dance duo Analiesse and Michael Le, DJ Zuri Marley and Sharpie artist By Jordana to help fans and followers prepare for the night of their life and, of course, she vlogged the whole thing! From learning some epic moves to customizing her own pair of shoes and everything in between, Lauren’s latest YouTube video make her most recent NYC trip look like a total dream.

But that’s not all! We recently caught up with the stunning star to talk all things prom and not only did Lauren look back on her own experience at the dance, but gave some epic tips for making your look stand out. Check it out:

“There’s this whole new thing where kids are wearing Chucks to prom and I feel like that’s such a good idea to be comfy all night and to dance and not have to take your shoes off on the dance floor. But people are DIYing their Converse and making them super fun.”

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