Exclusive: Peyton Gilliland Premieres Powerful New Single ‘Cry’

Exclusive: Peyton Gilliland Premieres Powerful New Single ‘Cry’

Meet Peyton Gilliland!

Less than a month after dropping her debut single “Drag Me Under,” the 16-year-old alternative pop singer is back with another bop. This time, she’s slowing it down and stripping it down with a powerful breakup anthem, “Cry,” and we dare you to listen to it without singing along.

The track is all about the importance of recognizing your self-worth, despite the oh-so-relatable feeling of being dragged down in an unhealthy relationship. We. Are. Obsessed! Do your years a favor and give it a listen:

“Did you think that I would cry? // No, you won’t ever bring me down // And I bet you wonder why // Oh, I’m not losing my mind // So I’m gonna break it down, put in everything I’ve got // Show you how, climbing ’til I reach the top // Even though you trip, I won’t fall // Just because it’s right for you, doesn’t mean I need it too // So I’m gonna break down these walls,” she sings.

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