Parkland Student Shooting Survivors Call For Change in Heartbreaking Song ‘Shine’

Parkland Student Shooting Survivors Call For Change in Heartbreaking Song ‘Shine’

Enough is enough.

In the wake of last week’s school shooting at Parkland, Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School — which tragically took 17 innocent lives — students are demanding action from lawmakers, and presenting a strong front against those who deny gun control legislation. We couldn’t be more inspired by these young survivors!

The same impacted students who are inspiring us with their passionate call for change have launched the March for Our Lives on Saturday, March 24th, a planned demonstration throughout the US in collaboration with nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety. Supporters of the march have been vocal across social media, creating the #NeverAgain campaign, and last night, talented teens of SDHS took the stage at CNN’s Town Hall to perform “Shine,” an empowering original song the school’s drama club wrote that left audience members in tears. Check out the goosebump-inducing ballad below:

“We’re done with all your little games // We’re tired of hearing that we’re too young to ever make a change // ‘Cause you’re not going to knock us down // We’ll get back up again // You may have hurt us, but I promise we’ll be stronger and // We’re not going to let you in // We’ll put up a fight // You may have brought the dark, but together we will shine a light.”

To help end gun violence, stay informed, register to vote if you’re of age, and call your representatives. To aid the victims of Majory Stonemason Douglas High School and their families, donate to their fund.