Why Don’t We Debut Latest and Greatest Bop ‘Talk’

Why Don’t We Debut Latest and Greatest Bop ‘Talk’

Say hello to the song of the summer!

Just when Why Don’t We fans were all happily hooked on “Hooked,” the boys (aka Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Jonah Marais and Zach Herron) surprised Limelights with a brand-new bop! But hey, we’re definitely not complaining.

Their latest and greatest, “Talk,” is too relatable! We’re keeping our fingers crossed WDW drops an accompanying music video soon. In the meantime, do your ears a favor and give it a listen:

“We go, breaking up like cell phones // When I speak, ’cause you don’t listen when I talk // Dial tone, nothing but that high note // When you speak ’cause I don’t listen when you talk,” they sing.

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