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Maria’s Drawing of Demi Lovato

November 12, 2010

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  1. Jordan6201 says:

    realistic! like it

  2. jadej99 says:

    Not bad.

  3. pig1234 says:

    keep it up

  4. Drakesgirl says:

    Amazing artist keep up the good work hun(:

  5. BefusLover says:

    Good job!
    Keep it up sweetie and you’ll go far!!

  6. kittylover0987 says:


  7. Dj80599 says:

    it look good

  8. tr0pical says:


  9. kittylove27 says:

    amazing ! better than i could ever be

  10. _hannah_ says:

    its amazing! its sooo relalistic and the hair is soooo good! :) keep up the good work and ull go faaarrrr!!!!!