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July TIGER BEAT On Stands NOW!

May 31, 2011

Wonder if Justin Bieber’s a good boyfriend? Want to know the four simple steps to looking like Taylor Swift? Need a new Big Time Rush poster to go up on your wall? Here’s what you need to do — go to the store immediately and get your hands on the latest issue of Tiger Beat!
July Tiger Beat is on stands now and is spilling with goodies galore, from juicy tidbits on your favorite celebs to tons of contests (like a $100 shopping spree and a Pretty Little Liars DVD!). We’ve also got the hottest gossip to share with you and fun quizzes for you to take. Go get your copy on sale right now and let us know what you think!

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  1. mrzsmith11 says:


  2. mrzsmith11 says:

    i love JADEN SMITH that is y my user name is Mrzsmith DUHH I LOVE U JADEN SMITH :)

  3. bliss0099 says:

    I wish justin bieber was my bf he is perfect.

  4. biebzluver123 says:

    Totally hot pics of JSmith and Justin…. just sayin’.

  5. emmyrat2 says:

    Just got my magazine today! Posters are awesome!

  6. farytale123 says:

    jb is a great bf (im guessing):)

  7. soccerstar00 says:

    ******* I <3 CODY SIMPSON *******

  8. poppyjonas says:

    I got the magazine yesterday!!! and i love it!!

  9. Girlygirl1213 says:

    grrr i have a subscription but it didnt come today so i was so upset!!! it will probably come 2moro i hope!!!

  10. Avaxo19 says:

    Im think that justin bieber is a great boyfriend . The way i see and hear how he treats selena , shows how much he cares and wants to protect his girl . Selena is very lucky to have justin as a boyfriend . Wish i was selena but i totally noe that that will never be for real . So i gotta just keep dreaming sadly :/ !