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Poll: What Do You Wish Your Crush Would Put in Your Locker?

July 19, 2011

How do you wish your crush would confess his feelings for you?

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  1. jjrocker001 says:

    love letters is worth more than anything!

  2. jj28 says:

    Totally!! but i like flowers too!!!

  3. jj28 says:

    i wish my crush would send me flowers with a hidden note that says” I love you”

  4. jolis says:

    i wish my crush gave me love letters, and flowers

  5. Andrea52 says:

    It will be greate if my crush put a love letter in my locker.

  6. Mishale says:

    a love letter would b the best because it more exspresses ur crushes feelings for u, and its sweeter

  7. nutmeg says:

    DUH! A note! Then if you told people you’d have PROF!

  8. selenaG4me says:

    flowers are totally my thing especially roses and carnations, plus chocolate

  9. trixster101 says:

    tht never really happens in real real life its just fake crap

  10. trixster101 says:

    and only fatties would want candy from there crush