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EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Cimorelli!

December 14, 2012


If you haven’t heard of Cimorelli yet, you should definitely be heading over to Google right about … now. The six-sister girl band is breaking onto the music scene with tons of charm and talent. They’re already YouTube celebs, and they recently released a video for their song “Believe,” and an EP also called Believe.

Katherine Cimorelli chatted with us about the girls’ upcoming projects, celeb crushes and holiday plans! Check out the EXCLUSIVE Q&A below!

BOP&TB:What new projects are you most excited for?
Katherine:We are very excited for our debut album, out in 2013!

BOP&TBHave you caught One Direction infection? If so, which of the boys is your favorite?
Katherine: We think they are very talented and we have all been rocking out to their new album! So, not so much any favorites but as a group we think they’re fantastic.

BOP&TB:Do you usually crush on the same celebs or have really different taste?
Katherine:We have very different taste- just like when it comes to real life boys we know!

BOP&TB:Have you ever been starstruck meeting anyone famous? Tell us about it!
Katherine:We met Joe Jonas on the carpet at the TCAs this summer and we were all dying, because we all loved the Jonas Brothers when they were touring and such!

BOP&TB:What are your New Year’s Eve plans?
Katherine:: Well, Amy, Lauren and Dani are all getting teeth pulled right before New Years so they’ll be recovering from that, unfortunately. Lisa, Christina and I are going up to visit our hometown in Northern California to celebrate with our friends there!

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:

    I love Cimorelli!

  2. 1D_TWluv says:

    I have been a big fan of Cimorelli…..amazing because the youngest (Dani) is just a year older than I am….They have been an amazing inspiration to me! Love you guys!!

  3. pixiestar says:

    I’ve never heard of them

  4. Alina (Directioner♥) says:

    i ♥ these girls they seem fun
    i think Cimorelli is great they all have such an awesome individual style
    i luv how y’all mentioned 1D :)
    the best band eva~

  5. annapotatosalad says:

    Cimorelli is AWECIM!

  6. OMG!!!! says:

    God! I love them,but I hate this Jerry stuff! Cut it out!

  7. ashley says:

    i love cimorelli but the old times were so in my heart til they grown up they look so …. but yea just mems comming out.:)

  8. Tiffany says:

    I love Cimorelli so much, they are such an inspiration for me and I just can´t desceibe how much I love them :)<3