Name: Gianni Napolitano and The Pine Hollows

Where You’ve Seen Him: Unless you’re familiar with the New York music scene, you may not have heard of The Pine Hollows yet. That’s about to change! Gianni is the main singer of the pop/punk band, and they’re all super-talented and super-cute. No doubt they’ll be bursting onto the mainstream music scene soon!

Why He’s Crush-Worthy: Um, did we mention he sings in a band? Not only is the dark-haired cutie an obviously talented singer and songwriter, but he’s a visual artist as well. Plus, the Pine Hollows met at the real-life school that the movie School of Rock is based on, which is really cool! Oh, and he has a twin, so, yeah — double the cuteness!

Check out the Pine Hollows’ video for their song “How Can You Tell Her?” and let us know what you think in the comments and on Twitter!