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Justin Bieber might be a young singer, but the 19-year-old pop star is already super successful. JB’s 2012 salary totaled more than $55 million. OMG! According to E! News, the Justin’s salary is mostly from album sales, touring, and business ventures like his new fragrance.

If you think Justin’s salary is the biggest salary like, ever–think again! Taylor Swift topped JB by $2 million with an income of $57 million in 2012. According to E! News, Taylor’s 2012 salary made her the third highest-paid woman in showbiz!

Adele is yet another successful female singer, judging the 2012 earnings. The 24-year-old singer raked in $32 million thanks her latest album, 21.

WOW. These celebrities have had a incredibly successful year! We wonder what 2013 will bring them! What do YOU think about the superstar salaries of Adele, Taylor, and Justin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!