Meet Yvng Swag, the 17-year-old dance sensation and up and coming artist!

TigerBeat: When did you start singing?

Yvng Swag: Two months ago when I dropped my first song “Fall in LUV.” I started off dancing and it led to my passion of making music.

TigerBeat: When did you realize you wanted to turn your passion for singing into a career? 

Yvng Swag: When I first started making music, it felt like I really belonged in the studio. Then after I made one song, I just couldn’t stop. I was making songs back to back.

TigerBeat: Does that mean we can expect an EP soon?

Yvng Swag: Yeah! I have one coming out in about two months and I’m excited for it to drop.

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TigerBeat: Which song are you most excited to make a music video for?

Yvng Swag: It’s called “What to Do.” That is actually the song that all of my fans wanted me to drop first.

TigerBeat: How did it feel when your “Big Green Tractor Remix” video went viral?

Yvng Swag: I figured it was time to do something different, and when I listened to “Big Green Tractor,” the lines, “we can go slow or make it go faster” stood out to me, so I created dance moves for that particular part. I knew, right before I posted the video, that it would go viral.

Check it out: