Mackenzie Ziegler Dishes on the Inspiration Behind ‘Kenzie’s Rules For Life’

Mackenzie Ziegler Dishes on the Inspiration Behind ‘Kenzie’s Rules For Life’
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Get the inside scoop on Mackenzie Ziegler‘s brand-new book!

In her debut page-turner, “Kenzie’s Rules For Life,” the 13-year-old quadruple threat opens up about how to be happy, healthy and dance to your own beat, and we couldn’t be any prouder!

Keep scrolling to catch the 4-1-1 on all things Kenzie: from being inspired by older sister and fellow author Maddie Ziegler to whether or not we can expect more books in her future and everything in between!

What inspired you to write “Kenzie’s Rules For Life”?
Mackenzie: Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved reading. And so I wanted to write my own book! I thought I was going to write a kids book, but I was like, “You know what? I’m going to start with a memoir about myself.” And I wanted to show people how I’m always positive and happy and give some tips. I really just wanted to share a positive message.

How did you become such a positive person?
Mackenzie: Growing up, it was really hard to always be positive and be happy all the time. But I feel like my sister definitely helped me through that. And I’ve just learned to always be positive and find the bright side of things. If you just don’t, then you’ll just be sad and there’s no reason to be sad.

Are there any authors or books that influenced your writing style?
Mackenzie: My sister has definitely helped me with my book…She’s definitely been so supportive and inspired me a lot, for dancing and writing too!

It’s all about your rules for life. Is there one rule of life you really live by?
Mackenzie: I feel like the most important thing in my life was finding very good friends. It’s obviously really hard and I finally feel like I have found really good, supportive friends now. So I’m like, “I can write about it now.” I feel like my sister was just always my number one best friend but now I actually have a bunch of other awesome people to support me too.

In the book, you give a lot of advice to fans and readers. What’s it like being a role model?
Mackenzie: It’s a lot of pressure put on my shoulders, because I feel like I always just need to be the best and set a good example for younger kids. But also I’m really excited, because I’ve never thought that I would be a big role model for kids. I really just thought I’d just be a random dancer at a dance studio that no one really knew. So it’s really cool that I have so many supporters that are obviously supporting me and coming with me on my journey!

Did the immediate success of it all catch you by surprise?
Mackenzie: Definitely. All the positive comments about it, which I didn’t think it would be this successful, obviously. Because I’m 13, and it’s weird for a 13-year-old to write a book! But the support has been amazing, and some of my friends even got to write in the book. Johnny’s mom got to write in the book! It was so awesome that all of my friends wanted to be a part of it. It means so much to me.

Can we expect to see another book in your future?
Mackenzie: I would love to do that, because obviously I love reading and writing. It would be really cool to write a novel or a fiction book or something like that. That would be very cool!

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