Exclusive: Get To Know The Cast Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Drama Club’

Exclusive: Get To Know The Cast Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Drama Club’
Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

There’s theater, there’s comedy, and there’s drama!

Nickelodeon’s latest laugh-out-loud series, “Drama Club,”centers around Tookus Middle School’s overlooked drama club and its theater-loving members who eagerly work to change the school’s perception, while trying to earn the support of their new principal at the same time (*insert applause emoji*). When the choreographer accidentally takes the phrase “break a leg” a bit too literally, the students turn to a rival on the football team because, obviously, the show must go on!

We caught up with the cast, including Telci Huynh (Mack) Nathan Janak (Oliver), Lili Brennan (Darcy), Kensington Tallman (Bianca), Chase Vacnin (Bench), and Artyon Celestine (Skip), who shared the biggest lessons they hope viewers take away from the fun-filled series, the surprising yearbook superlatives they’d give each of their cast mates, and more!

How would you describe your character in three words?

Telci: I would describe Mack as passionate, hard-working, and very loyal.
Nathan: If I could describe Oliver in three words, I would say bold, very upfront, and honest.
Lili: I would say bold, loyal, and energetic!
Artyon: Skip is supportive, outgoing, and a little bit nerdy.
Chase: I’d say “total bro,” athletic, and genuine.
Kensington: Bianca [is] definitely a diva, self-involved, and most of all, she’s confident and bold.

In what ways are you similar and different to your character in real life?

Telci: I’m definitely very similar to Mack because we share a lot of the same personality traits!
Nathan: I feel like Oliver and I both share different things. We’re both on the same scale, but just opposite sides of it, if that makes sense.
Lili: I think I am very similar to Darcy, except I’m not as bold, but I’m very glad I’m playing her because I’m having a lot of fun being bold in these public scenarios!
Artyon: I have a lot of Skip’s personality…I feel like our swag is the same. But something different, I feel like I’m a bit more athletic than Skip is. He’s not the most athletic, but we love that about him!
Chase: I am similar to Bench in the sense that we’re both athletes. I come from a public school and I played football my entire life, as did Bench. We’re different because I’d like to think I’m a little more cerebral than Bench. Sometimes, he can space out, but it’s hysterical when he does!
Kensington: I’m very much like Bianca because she’s very bold and confident, and she’s not afraid of anything!

Besides “Most Likely To Be On Broadway,” can you decide which yearbook superlative each of your castmates would be?

Nathan: I think that Ms. Darcy, who Lili plays so well, would probably be “Most Likely To Never Leave Town.” I feel like Darcy would just stay in Tookus until the end of the days!
Lili: I think Darcy would have a great time on the dairy farm! Darcy would think that is the best life ever, do crazy things, go out into the wilderness, and go camping.
Telci: I think Oliver would definitely be the best-dressed, fashionista person. He’d also be the one to be “Most Successful” because of his drive. Lili’s character, Darcy, I agree with Nathan. I think she wouldn’t leave town, but she would be like the most positive person in the school.
Nathan: I would actually contraire you there, Telci. I would say Mack would be the “Most Successful” because of her drive, charisma, and her dedication to doing what she loves, much better than Oliver!
Lili: I think Mack would go out and be a manager, own a business, or take on directing fully. I feel like she’s very organized and very much a leader!
Nathan: Yeah, I feel like Mack is “Most Likely To Become President.”
Chase: I would have to nominate my guy Skippy, Artyon, to be “Most Likely To Become A Famous Dancer.” He’s already done that!

Your characters squash a lot of the stereotypes that come along with being a “theater kid” or being a “football kid.” What’s the biggest lesson you hope viewers learn from the series?

Telci: I hope watching “Drama Club” helps kids going through this COVID time learn to truly be themselves without fearing judgement, and to accept others for who they are. A drama club is a place for all unique people from all different backgrounds, so I really hope they learn to be supportive of everybody and everything.
Nathan: I totally agree with Telci on that. I always say this: just be you, really be fearless, and march to the beat of your own drum!
Chase: To appreciate and welcome others! Bring in those who don’t feel like they belong. A lot of the time, people associate the drama club with the kids who aren’t doing sports or other things. The fact that Bench is an athlete, joins the club, and is a fish out of water is a nice parallel to real life and how we go through clubs in school. I definitely think it promotes diversity and welcoming others!
Kensington: [And also, that] it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to not be perfect at something and to really love people who aren’t like yourself. Love an athlete in a drama club! It’s so special to have that connection and I really hope our viewers see that.

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